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A small config tool to customize Lunayah's Watch_Dogs Enhanced Reality mod.

Permissions and credits
A few weeks ago I started working on a config tool for Lunayah's Watch_Dogs Enhanced Reality Mod version 3.1 to let users adjust it to their liking.

Thanks to Lunayah, TheWorse, Cemnahit, BossMafioso (this time just once :), Sunset, Wunkley, Yizan, SuperS and Marduk. This tool is based on their work. Thanks to Rick for his Gibbed.Disrupt packer/unpacker tool.

Also thanks to Kadzait24 aka AlphaZ for his Watch_Dogs modding tutorial. Without him I may have never realized that I'm just a fake user from Argentina. :)

If you want to use Lunayah's HQ mods first you have to download them from

If you want Marduk's version based on Lunayah's Extra HQ mod, you have to download it from here.

Put the archives (or unpack the patch.fat and patch.dat files from them) in their appropriate folders. Which are inside the HQ_mods folder. The config tool will handle the rest.

Additional important information can be found at Lunayah's page and at Marduk's merged mod page.

Thanks for Fireboy99 for the video.

About the different atmosphere settings

subtle = cooler colors
warm = warmer colors
E3 = balanced, but less realistic
Lighting is what creates atmospheres, making the warm atmosphere most realistic.
Color changes are subtle in order to keep a natural and realistic look.
Uber ultra only applies to extra hq mod, meant for those who don't mind low fps and prefer best detail possible.

The HQ builds are a bit special in terms of quality. For example:

medium = optimized high
high = optimized ultra and so on.

If you set graphics to high you will be playing ultra as in TheWorse mod with even better details and so on.

Version history

1.0 - initial release

1.1 - Low civilian density setting now works with HQ mods. Corrected some bugs with HQ mods handling. Also I accidentally bumped into the bug that caused crash for some users. (Later it turned out this was another one.) So I corrected it. Added "support" for Extra HQ mod. Added wunkley's modified DOF settings.

1.2 - Updated with both changes from Ubisoft patch 1.03.483. Added Lunayah's best lens flares with fixes for trainlights, headlights and spotlights. Added an improvement pack (partially conflicts with lens flares). Added less bloom option. Added a progress bar which I forgot to add in previous version. :)

1.3 - Just a small update. Big thanks to Lunayah who helped me debug the crash at startup, which didn't happen on my computer. I hope now everyone can use this config tool. Added more options to rain setting.
1.4 - Fixed a bug with the path where the created mod goes. Of course this bug didn't happen on my computer. Implemented an unpack method. It wasn't easy, but now the tool automatically unpacks compressed files (.rar and .7z only) found in the HQ_Mods' subfolders. Added BossMafioso's lensflares. Corrected the order of unpacking/setting the options/repacking. Added original atmosphere setting. Added support for HQ NPC retexture. You have to put the necessary patch.fat and patch.dat (or the archive) into the HQ_Mods\HQ_NPC_textures folder.

1.5 - The user is better notified in case the tool can't move the created files to the game directory. Added another approach to find the xcopy system tool in case it is missing. Added BossMafioso's lensflares and DOF settings.

1.6 - Implemented Ubisoft patch 1.04.497. Added Marduk's sun lensflares. Corrected the version number in the title bar which I forgot the last time. :) Added an option for Lunayah's fixed train lights, headlights and spotlights. Added 10 more variants to the lens flares made by Lunayah.

1.7 - Implemented Ubisoft patch 1.05.324. Improved last step of the install process - from now on the GUI won't freeze temporarily when the copied patch files are really BIG. :) Known problem: Using HQ atmosphere mods causes some texts to disappear in game. I can't do anything about it.

1.8 - Thoroughly examined the content of an HQ mod and found the problem which caused texts and probably some audio missing. Reworked the whole install process to correct this bug. I think this config tool is now finished. At least until a new Ubisoft patch comes out. :)

1.9 - Added fix for the headlight bug after Ubisoft patch 1.05.324 made by TheBoss (thanks to Marduk for bringing this to my attention). Best to use with lens flare TheBoss E3 version 3.

2.0 - Added option for bullet glass decal by Marduk and option to disable flashing effect on objects (hackable bridges, steam tubes under the road, etc). Added option in the atmosphere settings to Marduk's merged mod. Place the patch.fat and patch.dat files in the HQ_mods\Marduks_merged_mod folder.