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Custom Portraits For Recruit-able NPCs

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I am well aware I did absolutely nothing, this is for those that want a fast way to change NPC portraits.

This is a collection of portraits that was found on the nexus site and the inXile forum that replace all the portraits of the npc that you can recruit and that have some banters in game.
If you don't like or think some of those are not necessary just delete the file associated to that npc. There is an Extra file with portraits I think also fit the characters, you can use them or look for better ones on the internet and rename them.


Extract the .png files just like a portrait mod into your "Custom Portraits" file, usually located there if you use win7.

"hard drive":\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Wasteland2\Custom Portraits

If you talk to the npc for the first time he/she will still have the original portrait, recruit him then save and reload.

NPC list and portrait name

Angela Deth        wl2_portrait_angeladeath01

Brother Thomas        wl2_Portrait_Neil

Chisel            wl2_Portrait_Chisel

Corran Cain        wl2_portrait_CorrainCain_B

Dan Q            wl2_Portrait_DanQ

Ertan            wl2_portrait_ertan_b

Gary "NaCl" Wolf    wl2_Portrait_GaryWolf

Lexcanium        wl2_Portrait_Lexicanium

Pistol Pete        wl2_portrait_ranger01

Pizepi Joren        wl2_portrait_Vipula

Ralphy Parker        wl2_Portrait_Ralphie

Rose            wl2_Portrait_Rose

Scotchmo        wl2_portrait_scotchmo

Takayuki        wl2_Portrait_Takayuki

Vulture's Cry        wl2_portrait_topekan_female_3

Steam Cloud Issue

Apparently if you are using steam cloud, the custom portraits you are using are also sent to the cloud server and since we don't have any way to directly have access to the cloud file they might pop up if you sync your game after deleting them.

Three solution are here, disable steam cloud forever and delete the files, use the original portraits pack that I just added instead of the custom ones.

Or you do some wizardry to try and stop the cloud from saving them and loading them on your hdd.

1. Steam Cloud has to be activated. On steam, left click Wasteland 2, under UPDATE enable steam cloud has to be checked.

2. On my side I have also selected Automatic Update and Allow Background Downloads, this probably changes nothing but just to be sure.

3. Launch the game and load a save.

4. Once the save is loaded, ALT+TAB go to the custom portrait folder where you installed the portraits and delete all the portraits you don't want. ALT+TAB back to the game  save and exit.

5. Let the game sync, usually it looks like it's downloading, exit steam and allow it to finish syncing.