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Replaces original markers on a much more comfortable, useful and less glaring ...
New 1v5 wersion !!!

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This time I decided to change the markers. 
Original (white and too wide) outright dazzled during the game: / 
New markers they look quite different, and are worthy of this game :) 
WHAT has changed? 
- Changed the size - 
- Changed color - 
- Added markers direction - 
- High quality (with imitation 3D) - 
UPDATE 1v5 - The update adds 56 new cursors, and 15 other textures to improve the appearance of the game ...
INSTALLATION - In the package I put the required 5 textures (.dds) and a program where you change the texture ... 
1. Step one - do a backup of the file "resources.assets" you will find it in [Wasteland2 / Build / WL2_Data / ...] 
2. Extract the RAR file [UAE2_Textures_replacer.rar] 
3. Run the program [Unity Asset Editor.exe] 
4. At the top of the tab [File] select [Open] and folder [Wasteland2 / Build / WL2_Data / ...] click on the file "resources.assets" - click on the [Open] 
After some time, we will see a list of files that are installed in the archives ... 
5. Navigate to the root folder of my modifications and the directory "NEW markers" see 5 files for substitution. 
6. remembers the name for example. "T_PlayerCurrentTurn.dds" then in already before running the program [UAE2_Textures_replacer.rar] click at the top to sort on [name] and slide the right side and drag downwards until we see with, we are the letters [T_] - then when you already have located the file "T_PlayerCurrentTurn.dds" click on the right mouse button and select option [Impotr]. 
7. we search our catalog with new markers and select the one with the same name in this case "T_PlayerCurrentTurn.dds" and READY, one of the markers already exchanged for the new :) 
OPTIONAL - can itself enable "alpha channel" in the upper right corner of the screen, and the bottom mark "plug-in" thanks to which we will see you in real time the changes made :)
8. repeat the same steps for the remaining 4 textures, that is, from the point of 6 to 7 (we search for the same name and replaces the files with my package) 
-------------------------------------------------- - 
9. If you have already replaced the all 5 files (.dds) remains only enter again in option [File] and tick the "Save As" program should automatically select the file "resources.assets" and click on the [save] 
10. READY. Launch the game and we look forward to the new markers ... Good luck in battle :)
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