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Disables edge-scrolling when rotating the camera

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January 2017 update :
This mod seems to crash Director Cut edition (and maybe latest versions of the regular edition)
I don't plan to replay the game in the near future, so i added the C# source with comment that may help to fix this mod.
Anyone is welcome to fork this mod to fix it, even to release it as a .net assembly instead of a Wasteland2ModInjector's mod file.

(Compatible with official patch 1 and 2.)

Disables edge-scrolling when rotating the camera using mouse buttons.

V 2.0 update :
- New feature : now camera rotation isn't bound to screen-space (so you can continue to rotate as much as you want even if cursor hits screen's border).
If you are not happy with the default mouse sensitivity, you can change the value of  "rotationSpeed" setting in the xml file to increase/decrease it (if you do so, just remember to run Wasteland2ModInjector.exe after, to apply the modification).

This mod requires Wasteland2ModInjector : http://www.nexusmods.com/wasteland2/mods/10/