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About this mod

Dawn of War 3rd Generation is a mod for Dark Crusade that adds tonnes of new stuff, from new units for existing races, to whole new races themselves including: Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters! Alongside this are also new maps, titans, new honour guard units and original Dawn of War campaign missions in skirmish!

Permissions and credits

Credit to Kekoulis and Team Unification for their amazing work on much of the custom model work, effects, UI and voice work from the Witch Hunters, Inquisition Daemonhunt, Thousand Sons, Steel Legion, Emperor's Children, World Eaters and the leaked Tyranid Swarm races used here; you can find their stellar mod for Soulstorm over here on ModDB: Link! Work from the Unification Team is not allowed to be used without their explicit permission.
Credit to Iron Halo for the original Soulstorm Dark Eldar assets.
Credit to Thudo for helping with the getting Dark Eldar ai code working in Dark Crusade.
Credit to the creators of the ancient Lights of the Warp mod that formed the start of this one.


Dawn of War 3rd Generation is a mod for Dark Crusade that adds tonnes of new stuff, from new units for existing races, to whole new races themselves including: Dark Eldar, Tyranids, Daemonhunters and Witch Hunters! Alongside this are also new maps, titans, new honour guard units and campaign missions from the original Dawn of War playable in skirmish!

Installation Instructions:

All you need to do is download the .zip file and extract all its contents to your "Dawn of War - Dark Crusade folder" either where you installed it from the disc or where you keep your steam games. Once it's extracted (which might take a while since it's its quite big) run the game and go to the game manager on the main menu, select "Dawn of War - 3rd Generation" from the list and click activate.

Update Installation

If you have an older version and you're updating the mod, please delete all existing copies of the mod from your "Dawn of War - Dark Crusade" folder including the "objective_points" folder and "objective_points_DC" file. Then just install the mod as above, if you're asked to overwrite anything just say yes.

Full Feature List:

New races:

  •     Dark Eldar
  •     Daemonhutners
  •     Tyranids
  •     Witch Hunters

Overall Changes/Features:

  •     New victory conditions such as "Extermination" and "Zombie Apocalypse"
  •     New game modifiers such as "Infantry Only", "Heroes" and "Small Battles"
  •     Squad and vehicle caps increased to 200 each (with some minor exceptions)
  •     Unit limits relaxed to allow more of what you love
  •     New music
  •     New army colour schemes
  •     Improved and more deadly AI
  •     More maps to wage war on
  •     All races are in the campaign! (although only the original 7 are playable currently)
  •     New honour guard units in campaign
  •     Wargear upgrades for your commanders in skirmish!
  •     Survival game mode map!
  •     Play the original Dawn of War Campaign in skirmish!
  •     More units in the army painter!

Chaos features:

  •     Choose marks of Chaos to devote your army
  •     New leaders like the Dark Apostle and Lieutenant
  •     Special characters such as Khârn the Betrayer and Ahriman
  •     Lesser Daemons of all the Chaos Gods: Bloodletters, Plaguebearers, Daemonettes and Horrors (all with squad leaders)
  •     Greater Daemons of all the Chaos Gods!
  •     Cult units for all the Chaos Gods too: Khorne Berserkers, Plague Marines, Noise Marines and Rubric Marines (all with squad leaders)
  •     Chaos Havocs, Terminators, Land Raiders, Dreadnoughts and Bikers
  •     Cultists can no either take an Aspiring Champion or Renegade Psyker
  •     Chaos Renegades! Including Renegade Guardsmen units, Renegade leaders, Renegades Vehicles and Renegade Baneblades!
  •     Chaos Warhound titans!

Dark Eldar features:

  •     Dark Eldar enter the fray!
  •     A rapid assault force built for swift and deadly effect
  •     Unit weapons can be upgraded to cause poison damage over time
  •     Build slave caravels to boost your pop caps to maximum capacity as the war escalates
  •     Field elite squads of Kabalite Trueborn, Wych Bloodbrides and Incubi!
  •     Crush your enemy with Reaver Jetbikes, Raider Transports, Ravager tanks and the deadly Reaper Artillery
  •     Bring the might of the Super Heavy Shadow Tanks to bear!

Eldar features:

  •     More aspect warriors, including: Dire Avengers, Swooping Hawks, Shining Spears and Striking Scorpions
  •     Storm Guardian, Wraith Guard, War Walkers and Jetbike squads!
  •     Vypers now come in squads too!
  •     Harlequins can now be built as single Solitaires and Troupe squads
  •     A new Eldar commander: The Autarch
  •     The Avatar can now have leaders added to form the Spear of Khaine!
  •     Super Heavy Grav-Tanks and the mighty Revenant Titan!

Imperial Guard features:

  •     Conscript squads upgradeable with leaders for all your meat-grinder needs!
  •     More weapon upgrades for infantry squads like Guardsmen and Kasrkin
  •     More Leman Russ Variants for your armoured columns!
  •     Sniper Squads, so the guard have some infiltrators
  •     Valkyrie air drops to throw your men into the thick of it!
  •     New leader: The High Commander complete with Retinue
  •     Inquisitorial allies! Build an Inquisitor and his retinue to reinforce your army with some powerful Grey Knights
  •     Sentinels now come in squads and have upgrades!
  •     Chimeras now have upgrades!
  •     New vehicles: Hydras, Malcadors, Macharius', Shadowswords and Stormblades
  •     Warhound titans too!

Daemonhunter features:

  •     Command the might of the Ordo Malleus
  •     Start with a strike force of inquisitorial shock troops and research pop cap upgrades to expand your force
  •     Use powerful exterminatus abilities to decimate your enemies
  •     Requisition the indomitable Grey Knight units like Strike, Interceptor and Purgation squads alongside elite Paladins and Purifiers
  •     Deploy the Grey Knight Dreadnoughts and Land Raiders
  •     Support your force with the power of the Grey Knight Grand Master and Librarian

Necron features:

  •     Raise your immortal army to scour the living from the galaxy!
  •     Wraiths now come in squads of 3
  •     Immortals are now squads of 10
  •     Destroyers are now squads of 5
  •     Heavy Destroyers are squads of 3
  •     Build multiple Monoliths to destroy your enemies!
  •     Once one Monolith is raised build the powerful Pylon to annihilate enemies at long range
  •     When all Monoliths are risen, call forth the mighty Doomsday Monolith to signal the end
  •     Summon your Star Gods to aid you, both the terrifying Nightbringer and the beguiling Deceiver

Ork features:

  •     Build more WAAAGH Banners to increase your squad cap to up to 400!
  •     More upgrades in the Pile O' Gunz!
  •     Ever wondered why you could garrison in Da Boyz Hut? Well now it has tunnels to send boyz between two Boyz Huts!
  •     New boys are 'ere for stompin' including: 'Ard Boys, Burna Boys, Kommandos and Lootas
  •     New vehicles are ready for smashin' including: Battlewagons, Deff Dreads and Gun Wagons
  •     Summon the Weirdboy to support your troops with his powerful abilities
  •     Bigger, better and more orky Squiggoth
  •     Construct the 'uge Battlefrotress and crush your enemies under it's deff-rolla!

Space Marine features:

  •     Requisition the the Techmarine who improves the accuracy of nearby units and can repair damages.
  •     New command squad full of your chapter's finest heroes!
  •     The Chaplain and the Librarian now have jump-pack variants for increased mobility
  •     Larger space in the Orbital Relay for more steel rain!
  •     Land Speeder Squads and Rhino upgrades
  •     Deathwatch veterans enter the combat to smite those foul xenos
  •     New units such as: Devastators, Sternguard and Vanguard Veterans, Bikes, Veteran Dreadnoughts and the Land Raider Prometheus
  •     More unit leaders, such as terminator sergeants!
  •     Call the Legion of the Damned into battle as well an Inquisitor and his retinue!
  •     Warhound Titans!

Tau features:

  •     Codex sized Firewarrior squads for more firepower
  •     More squad leaders for the Firewarriors and Pathfinders
  •     Pathfinder weapon upgrades!
  •     More auxiliaries: Kroot Knarloc Riders and Human Gue'Vesa!
  •     More crisis suit variants: XV81, XV89 and XV9
  •     Broadsides now in squads of 3!
  •     Upgrades for Devilfish and Hammerheads
  •     New commander! The XV89 Battlesuit Commander
  •     Commanders now have gun and shield drone upgrades
  •     New unit: Sniper Drones replete with spotter
  •     Both XV15 and XV25 stealth suits complete with upgrades!
  •     New vehicles: the Pirhana and the Tetra
  •     Unity can be deep striked in via Orca dropships from the Vehicle Beacon
  •     Greater Knarloc can have Kroot Shapers added to the squad
  •     The Ethereal has shield drones and improved air caste strike ability
  •     Named commanders join the war including Shas'O R'Myr and Farsight!

Tyranid features:

  •     The devouring swarm invades!
  •     Build your swarm, adapt to the planet and become without number to overcome your enemies!
  •     Increase your squad cap up to 300 with your hives!
  •     Harass your foes with hordes of Spinegaunts, Termagants and Hormagaunts
  •     Support your swarm with squads of owerful Warriors lead by a Hive Tyrant
  •     Tear vehicles apart with Zoanthropes, bombard enemy lines with Biovores, burrow behind with Raveners and bring buildings down with Carnifexes
  •     Cause terror with Lictors, split apart squads with Tyrannofexes and reinforce your gaunts with Tervigons
  •     Bring about the doom of the world with Trygons and Hierophant Bio-Titans
  •     Cut a bloody swathe with the Swarmlord and consume the aftermath with Ripper Swarms!

Witch Hunter features:

  •     Purge the heretic and burn the witch!
  •     Build up squads of Arbites and support them with Battle Sisters and Seraphim to secure ground
  •     The veteran Cannoness will lead your forces to victory, complete with powerful upgrades
  •     As the combat escalates, research pop cap improvements to bolster your forces
  •     Field deadly elite units such as the Heavy Firing Retributors and the Unstoppable Celestians
  •     Infiltrate with the deadly Callidus and Eversor assassins
  •     Dominate combat through acts of faith that improve ranged attacks, close combat and can even make units immortal for a time
  •     Send fanatical Repentias, Penitent Engines and Archo-Flagellants into the fray!
  •     Support your troops with powerful Inquisitors and their retinues
  •     Mighty vehicles such as the Immolator, Incarcerator and Exorcist will aid in your conquest
  •     Gain the help of powerful heroes such as the Throne of Judgement and the Living Saint herself!