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Removes Deep Sea and Beach restrictions, allows the full layering of terrain, and unlocks the Volcano and Sky tiles

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Expanded Terrain Has Been Ported Over!

This mod uses the Official Modpacker. Old versions use the Unofficial Modpacker

Expanded Terrain has been ported over to Chucklefish's official modpacker and comes with a couple of new features: more beach connections, access to the volcano biome, and FULL terrain layering!

Expanded Terrain removes Deep Sea and Beach restrictions, allows the FULL layering of terrain, and unlocks the Volcano and Sky tiles.

Removing the Deep Sea restrictions allows you to do things such as place Deep Sea next to ground tiles, although there is no cliff graphic so it doesn't look pretty.

Layering terrain allows you to place certain terrain such as Forest, Wall, and Reef on tiles such as Cobblestone, Beach, and River. Experiment! You might find some combinations of terrain you like. Especially now that you can place tiles at any layer you want now!

Along with letting you layer terrain, Expanded Terrain unlocks the hidden Volcano and Sky tiles. Volcano looks like plains but prevents movement like a wall. Sky looks like the map border but it acts like a plains during gameplay.

This mod does not add any new assets or affect gameplay in a way that would cause a desynch or cause the game to think your map is corrupt. Maps that make use of this mod's features should work on unmodified clients.

To make the old version of Expanded Terrain compatible with Ophelia's Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents, place Expanded Terrain underneath Ophelia's Unlock Hidden Map Editor Contents in the ModPacker. That will give Expanded Terrain higher priority so that Expanded Terrain's features work.

If you open up the terrain palette in a Volcano map that was made in a previous version, it may crash. Change the map's biome to any biome other than Volcano and then change it back to Volcano as a workaround. Sorry for the inconvenience!