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Unlocks almost all map editor content including:
Import and Export map into campaign
Additional Map properties
Additional Cut-scene editor props, emotes, and effects
Additional Decorations
Additional Triggers

Permissions and credits

Just download the .hmd mod file and the Mod Packer App (1.6.2 or higher) and follow the instructions of the tool.

Important steps for getting mods to work correctly after the latest patch:
1. Make sure the game is in vanilla state (verify integrety in Steam).
2. Then go to your wargroove installation. (should be [steam]/SteamApps/common/Wargroove/assets)
3. In this directory delete the "mod_bckp" directory and restart the Tool.

Lava Biome

I couldn't quite figure out how to enable lava biome from the config files, but I can still memory edit the terrain to get the lava biome. So I created a lava biome map which you can duplicate to create your own lava biome.

Put the template map under %appData%/Chucklefish/Wargroove/save

What's included?

Import and Export Map into campaign
Additional map properties such as filter (for past, dream, or night)
Additional cutscene editor props, emotes, shouts, background, and sound effects
Additional Decorations
Additional Triggers

Can other people play the map I made using this mod?
Yes, I just enabled what's already in the game, so once you make the map, everyone can play it, even without this mod

What are the shout codes?
Here is the doc for shouts for each actor
Blue means it works
Red means it doesn't
Blank is untested

Credit: Feaw

Everything in this mod are already in game, but just hidden. I just revealed them. The main reason that they were hidden is because they are not intuitive to use or may cause issues in the game. I kept all the triggers and contents that may mess up your game, save file, etc. hidden, but I may have missed some, so use it at your own risk. I've also spoke briefly with Tiy from Chucklefish on discord, and he is okay with  this mod, so there shouldn't be any issues with releasing maps created with this mod.