War for the Overworld

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About this mod

A comprehensive single-player utility for modifying the game in real time. This enables dungeon stats modifications, spawners of all kinds (units, traps, rooms, shrines, tiles, artifacts, potions, etc...) and provides additional game information.

Permissions and credits

This mod contains a comprehensive single player utility. This utility has the following modules:
  • Dungeon Menu (Fill gold/mana/sins/etc)
    • Build Trap (Hover mouse over trap)
    • Reveal Map (Remove Fog of War)
    • Fill Vault to Max Gold
    • Fill Mana to Max
    • Remove Mana Locks
    • Increase Maximum Mana (up to 2000)
    • Add 1 Sin
    • Complete Active Ritual
    • Complete Potions in Progress
    • Infinite Gold
    • Infinite Mana
    • Add Research Points / Complete Research
    • Research All
    • Take Control of Any Unit (under mouse)
    • Satisfy All Needs / Set Mood to Ecstasy
    • Continuously Satisfy All
    • Toggle Rainbow (your dungeon slowly begins to become a rainbow)
    • Toggle Payday
  • Spell Menu
    • Cast any spell in the game, including developer spells
  • Enemy Menu
  • Unit Spawner
  • Trap Spawner
  • Room Spawner
  • Shrine Spawner
  • Tile Spawner
  • Artifact Spawner
  • Potion Spawner

These spawners pull the resource files from the game, as opposed to taking a "known list" of entities. The result of this is that
effectively any block, tile, or entity can be spawned with this utility, and not all of them work properly, but most do.

For each spawner, relevant variables can be selected before spawning,
such as what team the entity will be associated with, level (xp), etc.

Two quick hotkeys are included:
Numpad 7: Complete (build) trap under mouse
Numpad 9: Fill vault full of gold

Feature Highlight:
  • Included in this utility, under the Enemy Menu, we are able to display information about our opponents on-screen in real-time.
  • In-game Developer password override for the console. Initially all console commands are locked. There is a function in this utility to enable those commands via bypassing the required password.

Included is also a third party developer output console, which can be accessed with tilde. The standalone console that comes with the game can be accessed with Scroll-Lock.

  • This mod can be injected via a mono injector, or simply used with the pre-configured BepInEx that comes with the download.
  • If manually injected, here is the information you'll need.
  • Namespace: SkToolbox
    Class: SkLoader
    Method: Init

How To Install

  • Simply open the zip file and extract all contents to the game's root directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld) This is the same folder that contains WFTO.exe and WFTOGame.exe.
  • After extraction, in the game root folder, you should see the WFTO.exe file, and the BepInEx folder in the same folder.
  • Run the game and enjoy.

If you are just updating or already have BepInEx installed and you downloaded the DLL file, just place this file in the BepInEx plugins directory.

• I just need to update! What do I do?
• Extract the .dll file to the \BepInEx\plugins\ folder, run the game.