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About this mod

NeoPatcher is a tool for patching standard plugins so they can be managed with Neoloader.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to NeoPatcher! The goal of NeoPatcher is to provide an easy way to translate standard plugins for Vendetta Online into "Compatibility" plugins readable by your LME such as Neoloader. While your plugins will still be loaded and executed by the game's default loader system, you will gain the ability to turn your plugins on and off between sessions, and Neoloader will attempt to catch any errors that trigger during the loading sequence.

Instructions on use:
1) Launch NeoPatcher and agree to the MIT license. 
2) Select to patch all mods, or patch a specific mod
3a) If you want to patch ALL of your mods, select the folder containing all of your mods, then click next
3b) If you want to patch a specific mod, select the folder containing that individual mod, then click next
4) Select a mod you want to edit details on. The mods to be patched will be listed on the left; when one is selected, the contents on the right will fill in. Items will save edits you make when you select another mod or begin the process.
4a) If you want to add more individual mods to patch, you can do so with the button on the bottom left at this time.
5) Select to begin the patching process. If you have only one or a few mods to patch, this process will likely happen instantaniously.
6) Congratulations, you're done, and your mods have been patched!
If there are any issues with your patched mod, you can find the original mod's files located in the "backup" folder created where the tool is located. 

How it works
How does NeoPatcher create its patches? Its actually really simple. It takes the original main.lua file and renames it to "core_patched.lua", then creates new main.lua file based on a template. It then creates a Neoloader declaration INI based on the provided information, and then its done! 
The end result is a plugin that registers itself to Neoloader. When the Neoloader init process occurs, it detects your newly patched code as a compatibility plugin, and then patched_core.lua will run during the default plugin loader like normal as long as the plugin is set to load. As a bonus, if Neoloader is not enabled, the plugin will skip all the neoloader stuff and just launch like normal anyways.

Want to contribute or use on other platforms?
You can find this application's source on github (linked above in the mirrors dropdown as well). The core of the application is written completely in lua, using the lfs 1.8.0 and iuplua 3.30 libraries; the C++ segment is solely to simplify distribution.