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Changes the appearance of characters, items and effects to fit a theme based on the anime show Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This mod is a simple PNG swap. Updated for v0.6.1

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Updated for version 0.6.1

Changes the appearance of characters, items and effects to fit a theme based on the anime show Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This mod is a simple PNG swap. This replaces characters.png, items.png, vfx.png, randomazzo.png, enemies2.png, illustrations.png and introBG.png. This mod does not alter any game mechanics or code. Character and item names have not been changed so that players still know what is what.

You have the option to use all or just some of the PNG files. They have the following alterations to the game:

characters.png & enemies2.png -> Reskins the default characters to Madoka characters.
items.png & vfx.png ->  Changes the item sprites and weapon effects to emulate attacks from the Madoka characters.
randomazzo.png -> Changes arcana art to Madoka anime screen shots.
illustrations.png & introBG.png -> changes the title screen.

So if you just want the magical girls and you want to keep the weapon effects as default, just paste in characters.png+enemies2.png. Mix and match as you please.


Arcana card art updated with screenshots from anime. 
- Homura blowing up Walpurgisnacht for the XII arcana.
- Homura with rocket launcher for the XIV arcana.
- Kyouko running away with a bag of stolen grief seeds for the XV gold arcana.
- Mami with her large gun (Tiro Finale) for the XVIII area arcana.

Arcana card back art replaced with Madoka silhouette.

Holy Mami (Full Sprite) -> Pugnala Provola
Ophelia Kyouko -> Bianca Ramba
Tamaki Iroha -> Concetta Caciotta
Walpurgisnacht -> Giovanna Grana
Homura in a Tank -> Leda
Kaname Madoka -> Arca & Porta
Homura Akemi -> Imelda & Cavallo
Tomoe Mami -> Pasqualina & Lama
Sakura Kyouko -> Gennaro & Dommario
Sayaka Miki -> Antonio & Krochii
Holy Mami -> Mortaccio
Momoe Nagisa -> Clerici & Poppea
Ultimate Madoka -> ExDash
Akuma Homura -> Christine
Oktavia Sayaka -> Poe

Alternate Homura sprite for Cavallo.
Alternate Kyouko sprite for Dommario.
Alternate Sayaka sprite for Krochi.
Alternate Madoka sprite for Arca.

Other changes:

Guns and Guns Evo -> Changed icon to Mami's muskets. Changed vfx to yellow bullets.
Cart -> Changed icon to Ophelia Kyouko's spears. Changed vfx to Ophelia Kyouko's spears.
Shadow Pinion -> Changed icon to crossbow. Changed vfx to Iroha's red crossbow bolts. 
Valkyrie Turner -> Changed fire to pink.
Gatti Amarai -> Icon and VFX changed to Walpurgisnacht's familiars. Turned clouds blue.
Garlic -> Added musical notes to represent Sayaka's magic circle.
Whip -> Icon changed to Sayaka's sword.
Cross -> Icon and VFX changed to Sayaka's sword.
Dagger -> Icon and VFX changed to Kyouko's spear.
Bible -> Icon and VFX changed to Kyouko's segmented spear shaft and chains.
Magic Wand -> Icon and VFX changed to  automatic rifle.
Cherry Bomb -> Icon VFX changed to hand grenade.
Fire Wand -> Icon changed to Madoka's bow. VFX changed to pink energy arrows.
Lightning Ring -> Icon changed to Madoka's bow. VFX changed to pink energy strike from above.
Runetracer -> Icon and VFX changed to Mami's golden musket ball.
Axe -> Icon and VFX changed to discarded musket. Evolved version fires large golden musket balls.
Bone -> Icon and VFX changed to golden musket ball.
Peachone -> Icon and VFX changed to Kyubey.
Ebony Wing -> Icon and VFX changed to Bebe.
Clock Lancet -> Icon changed to Homura's time shield.
Santa Water & La Borra -> Icon and VFX changed to water bubble.
Song of Mana -> Icon changed to Nagisa's trumpet.
Song of Mana and Mannajja -> VFX changed from sparkles to bubbles.
Garlic -> Icon changed to Sayaka's darkened soul gem.
Soul Eater -> Icon changed to Sayaka's shattered soul gem.
Pentagram -> Icon changed to Akemi Homura's corrupted gem. VFX changed to shattered goddess.
Gorgeous Moon-> Icon changed to Akuma Homura's evolved soul gem. VFX changed to salamander pattern under the character and shattering image changed to corrupted soul gem.
Holy Wand -> Icon updated to rifle with scope and drum mag.
Thousand Edge -> Icon updated to triple spears.
Hellfire -> Icon updated to glowing bow.


Gems -> Turned into smaller grief seeds. Still color coded.
Gorgeous Moon Gems-> Turned to smaller grief seeds.
Stop Watch -> Icons turned to Homura's time shield.