Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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About this mod

Phase 1: Only Santa Monica is currently available.
There are Crashes in the mod! so please make sure to SAVE before loading the next location.
This is WIP, i'll update as i go.

Permissions and credits
Look at the trailer! what's CURRENTLY available is highlighted.

1. This mod is intended to use with the Unofficial patch. 

2. Currently only Santa Monica is Available. i did about 2/3 of the important things.

3. Npcs, Ux/Ui, Main and Loading menu, new Music, no movie intros, new art and HD textures.

4. Normal maps crash the game so i tried to place them as little as possible.

5. Asylum redesign, general locations redesign, better art and better quality of texturing.

6. Currently i'll upload this pack as a BUNDLE. which means if you don't want something, make sure not to place it in the game.
My files OVERRIDE the original files.

7. I removed the Hub music (into street sounds) and changed some location sounds. if you don't want to install that, MAKE SURE TO NOT TO.

8. a lot of my personal art and fanart is in the game! 

SECONDLY there's an optional ONLY UX/UI to use

To install
you ought to place it under "...\Activision\Vampire - Bloodlines" it will OVERRIDE the content in "VAMPIRE" folder and "UNOFFICIAL_PATCH" folder.

- I WILL separate the downloads into segments for audio / characters and textures in the future, but currently I want to give you the option to play it.
If anyone can help with making the game stop crashing, please write me.

- I WILL add my own Reshade configuration in the future.

- I WILL go back to retexturing Santa Monica in the future, i want to finish a first "Run" and then add.

places that usually crash When Loading InGame"

1. The asylum
2. The clinic
3. The pier
4. Warehouse once you go there for the bomb.
5. Jumping to Downtown

Black textures from Loading:
- If you upload a level from the Main menu- and that level uses Bump textures, the albedo layer doesn't appear. only the bump.
(which is why I'm considering to remove ALL bump layers)

the rest should be OK. Bigger maps are a problem, i might be able to balance it as i go but it will take time.
If you know how to fix this OR what causes it, tell me, right now it seems as it's random.

I Don't build maps, i don't mess with creating 3d and i don't do anything else besides creating and remaking textures.
If you want to help, awesome. i'd appreciate that as it's outside of my understanding and no- I don't want to learn.

- Thank you @Rivarez for allowing me to use your AI Work as a base for this!
- Thank you @joyLuna on youtube for creating this amazing track for the pack!
- Thank you @Wesp5 for not killing me when i had a ton of questions and all the amazing peeps on PlanetVampire.
you were amazing and so incredibly helpful.

If anyone has questions or is willing to figure out with me the dumb crashing/loading etc... write me at
[email protected]