Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

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Read The FAQ for questions BEFORE Hitting the forums,
I will not be answering questions already answered.

Final Update December 2023.

Permissions and credits
Will be updated April / May
- 1. Don't install "trackerscheme.res"!! DO NOT!
- 2. there Will be a SFW version

Bug Report
HI! now that the pack completed i got a lot of comments from you guys about bugs, thank you for the feedback!
I Cannot work on reworking the mod until like April.... for personal reasons. So for now i'll note the problems and how to avoid them. Later i'll fix it properly Unless someone can do it for me. this will be sometimes updated.

  • Don't install my "trackerscheme.res". Something was written there wrong in the dialogues. It will crash your game. so for now, skip it.
  • Don't have Audio? bgmvolume "1.000000" Want Subtitles? cl_captions "1.000000" config/Config.cfg is tweaked and in Read-Only On purpose. Remaining unlocked might make you not able to feed, So do whatever changes you want, Make sure to Read-Only the file afterwards.
  • Skyline Level was always f up. The reason is that it's VERY LARGE. the flimsy already level crashes constantly. It's already a weak link. what I recommend is a a guerilla tactic. Save outside, rename "materials" folder into something like "materials1111" and then upload the level.\
  • IF you have a lot of crashes- Don't install the "models" Only install "world textures" read the filenames, that will be mostly enough. My models also switch some 3ds so take notice. 
  • The switch between the hubs might make the game crash. uploading big locations might do that too. I tried my best to keep with the best resolution AND making the game not crash. this somewhat worked but i need to keep working on that balance, i'll get there but it takes time.

Note: Someone on the comment thread was very disrespectful and didn't stop arguing for no reason, That "type" of person will be blocked, as him. I'm not looking for praise, but i don't think throwing poop at me is also legitimate. I need Data to balance this mod so it will work properly. I need to understand better what i Can / Should do. If anyone can help with "trackerscheme.res file i'll be most grateful, i honestly don't know what i did.



  • A Complete HD TEXTURE Upgrade
  • New music by @joyLunaOfficial
  • A Complete UI Design Upgrade


  • Download the MUST INSTALL Unofficial patch +PLUS! AND THEN THIS MOD
  • DO NOT install any other texture pack with mine, it will crash
  • Compatibility! Try it, tell me how it works. If you got it working tell me so I'll note it in the documentation
  • Compatibility! GOG / STEAM "Maps" folder will override the maps
  • Compatibility! "CLAN QUEST MOD" CQM Do NOT install the "MAPS" folder and "trackerscheme.res"
  • Compatibility! PLAY FIRST THEN add the "Maps" folder if the textures don't align. That will override the maps.
  • You don't want new Music? Don't install it
  • If you cannot feed rename the binding "vm_feed" to "+feed" in config.cfg But make sure to Lock it back using "Read Only" otherwise it might revert back!
  • Modifications are MY artistic expression, don't want it? don't use it
  • UIUX: All actions are Unisex & Uniraced, Including the hands. Don't like it? Don't use it
  • If you want to change anything, You do whatever you want with your own computer
  • Technically it's not possible to keep an animated texture and upgrade it. So those were or left as is or Like the Hud, we will live without the red bubble.
  • I Advise to install the "4gb patch" so the game won't crash. I still haven't but I heard it should fix All crashes
  • Please remember this is new, that means this will have bugs and problems so help me by telling me what to modify and how to elevate it. thank you. I'm saying here AGAIN as well as i previously wrote on the bottom.


you ought to place it under "...\Activision\Vampire - Bloodlines" it will OVERRIDE the content in "UNOFFICIAL_PATCH" folder

There are Separated Downloads

1. VTMB HD OVERHAUL - The Complete Install
2. Texture Separation
3. UI UX Separation
4. Music Separation

Also broke down the texture separation into 3 for an easier download
1. Model Texture separation 3/3
2. World Texture Separation 2/3
3. World Texture Separation 1/3

Pick and choose as you like


  • MUSIC: Joy Luna - Bonds of Blood  BY @joylunaofficial ORIGINAL MUSIC For the pack. Also Joy has prepared the New Combat system tracks. IF you like the music please give him a shoutout.
  • Thank you @tahril for Letting me use your Character textures as a base!
  • Thank you @blightedmods for the Help with the Dialogs
  • Thank you  @Rivarez for allowing me to use your AI Work as a base for this!
  • Thank you @Wesp5 for not killing me when I had a ton of questions 😂 Poor Wesp.

Personal Note

There ARE a few bugs noted (i made a workaround) and some textures I didn't touch as they were well made enough.
Also i am not a programmer, i do not edit maps or 3d objects. I stick to 2D. This is not a GAME mod. This is a GRAPHICS mod.
Textures do not change animations or game things, only the LOOKS of it. They don't change how Reshade works or how things practically work.
so if you see visual f ups that i made or things i should revisit please write me here or to my email
[email protected]

Thank you! i will try to be available always on the forum here and help where i can.