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This mod is a simple mod that allows allows the player to /pray in the chat window to ask Odin to bless them with clear weather. It does not always work, sometimes you will anger Odin, and you must be seated and outside (or on a boat).

Permissions and credits
MofoMojo's Prayers for Rain Mod v 1.1

This mod is a simple mod that allows you to pray for clear weather. 
When outside, with the sky above you
Have a seat and pray
When the fog's against you and your ships' crew
Have a seat and pray

:: USE ::
Open the chat window and issue 
or ... 

• BepInEx - 

Place the MofoMojo.MMWeatherMod.dll in your \BepinEx\Plugins folder
Start Valheim Once and then exit. 
Modify the \BepInEx\Config\MofoMojo.MMWeatherMod.cfg as you see fit.
Play Valheim

Remove the .DLL and the .CFG file from the \Plugins and \Config folders respectively.

I recommend deleting your current .cfg and letting a new one generate with defaults. 
Nothing bad will happen if you don''s not like Odin is going to smite you, but you'll experience the mod the way it was intended.

• You can pray for other weather such as rain, thunderstorm, lightrain, snow, and others that i'll leave up to you to find.
• Uses Localization strings built into the game for hints...
• No dramatic instant changes in Weather. It will be "queued" properly
• Your unique kills will influence your behavior. 2% for each unique kill

• You must be outside
• You must be seated or sitting or in a boat
• You can't always get what you want...
• Unfortunately weather is largely handled client side so there will be inconsistency when used in online sessions. 
For that reason, you have been chopped.... I mean, I recommend single player sessions only at this time.

• 1.1 By suggestion from greenskye
Added unique kills increase base chance of success option. 2% per unique kill (see your trophy wall)
This can be turned on/off via cfg
Added SuccessChance
Angry Chance
Angry Odin summons weather more appropriate to environment
If angry Odin summons weather innappropriately, let me know and I'll have a stern talking to him (let me know the biome and weather you think it should be)

• 1.0 Initial Release

::  CREDITS ::
♦ - Harmony Documentation
♦ - Valheim modding
♦ greenskye for his suggestions

## Settings file was created by plugin MMWeatherMod v1.1
## Plugin GUID: MofoMojo.MMWeatherMod
## Supported values are None, Normal, Verbose
# Setting type: LoggingLevel
# Default value: None
# Acceptable values: None, Normal, Verbose
PluginLoggingLevel = None
## Enables MMWeatherMod mod
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
MMWeatherModEnabled = true
## How many seconds must pass between attempts
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 60
PrayerFrequency = 60
## What are the odds Odin will grant your prayer wish
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 33
SuccessChance = 33
## What are the odds you'll anger Odin if your prayer is unsuccessful
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 25
AngryChance = 25
## Each new mob type you've slain gives you a 2% increase in success
# Setting type: Boolean
# Default value: true
TrophyKillInfluence = true