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The World of Nordheim

Created using Krita, World Machine and Better Continents.

The World Map was designed fromscratch, tried to keep it as organic as possible with some hand drawn details.

Inspired by the meaning of the Old Norse word Norheim: from a farm name composed of Old Norse nór ‘narrows’ (Nohr) +heimr

Permissions and credits
Nordheim has high peaks, and textured lands.

It is designed as a painting first, and then details added through the use of World Machine. After that process is complete a balance pass was made to ensure it is not just a visually pleasing map, but also playable and fun.

Some Key Features:

  • A hand-drawn skeletal hand in the swamp that holds the path forward.
  • A wolf paw to the south, requested specifically by my son but fits the lore of Fenrir (Fenrisúlfr), a monstrous wolf of Norse mythology that left his mark on the land.
  • A Dwarven trader who has set up camp close to the mountains in a Hidden path to the West.

Planned features for future iterations:

  • Raised features that are specifically designed to build on (without having to do to much digging). They resemble ancient homesteads that were lost to time.
  • Content for the Deep North, The Mist lands, and Ash lands.(this is determined on how well it can be implemented without breaking the game.)

The starting area is in the middle of the map, you can venture out in any direction but be cautious, the dangers of the more difficult Biomes are close by; so tread lightly, and carry a big stick.

Installation instruction:

  • Extract the Zip File and place the contents in "\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds". 
  • You can access the App data folder by pressing the windows key, Searching "run" then typing in Appdata. Alternatively you can access the same file path by typing %appdata% in the File Explorer field and pressing enter, from there hit the up arrow one time to access the LocalLow file path above.
  • You must have the mod better continents installed in order for this to World save to work.
  • Highly recommended to not have WorldGenOptions installed with Better Continents as it can cause issues if any settings have been altered. If you are using this mod with the purpose of bringing building saves, create a second profile specifically for that.
  • this can work on a server so long as all parties have the better continents mod installed.
  • See the better continents mod for further instruction.

Why do I see floating trees and my map is showing like vanilla?

This can be caused by either an update for Better Continents, or you have WorldGenOptions installed and options have been altered. Testing for this is in progress to see if they can be compatible.

If you have a solution for running both without the visual bugs and breaking Better Continents, I
will add the instructions here with a special thanks.

Better Continents needs to be installed both client and server side.