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Take flight.

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First and foremost, credit to Alexander Cooney (aka Eskylar on the Valheim Modding discord server) for his amazing work on the wings model and material.

ODINFLIGHT allows you to fly. It is not a hovering mode. It is not a cheat movement. A detailed physics simulation of aerodynamic forces on a gliding wing will propel you through the air of the world of Valheim.

This means you must learn how to fly.

You will fall. You will slam into objects and fall to your death. You will lose lift trying to dodge in the air, and fall. You will hit water and find yourself unable to fly out of it. You will try to air brake and fall short, or even propel yourself backwards. You will flap to gain altitude and speed, hoping the extra weight in your inventory doesn't cause you to not gain enough speed to fly. You will break your wings from impacting too many things, suddenly stranded a long ways from home. You will make an awkward landing among enemies and not be able to fight back with anything but your fists because of the wings you wear.

But once you master the physics, you will soar.

The wings in ODINFLIGHT are meant to be balanced towards end-game play. They are costly to build and upgrade, are not conducive to flying with full inventories, prevent equipping items in your hands while equipped, and take over the player's jumping controls.

Basic directions :
  • Wings are a shoulder item. Equip them like you would a cloak.
  • Get a running start and then jump to start flying.
  • The movement keys will lean the player while flying.
  • Leaning left and right will put you into a banking turn.
  • If you lean backwards too much, you will stall and lose lift.
  • To gain a burst of speed forwards and upwards relative to your orientation, press Jump (this costs stamina)
  • You will not regenerate stamina while flying.
  • Wind will push you. Use it to gain speed or use it to generate more lift.
  • If you want to slow down, hold down the Crouch key and orient yourself against your velocity. This is called Air Braking.
  • You can flap while Air Braking to rapidly decelerate.
  • Any non-safe contact will cause you to stop flying, and your wings will take durability damage based on your velocity at impact.
  • To land safely, try to make contact with the ground while level to it. While Air Braking, try to land feet down.
  • While wearing wings, your falling damage will scale to, and cap at, 20 (instead of 100).
  • To stop flying, press the Use key while flying.

Configuration :
  • Odin Wings default to requiring 100 feathers, 20 resin, 2 lox pelts, and 20 linen threads to craft at an Artisan Table. This is configurable in the config file generated on first run.
  • ODINFLIGHT has Mod Config Enforcer as a dependency so that servers can set the crafting requirements themselves for all connecting clients.

If you need help with the mod, find me on the Valheim Modding discord server.

If you'd like to donate, head to my buymeacoffee account