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This mod Simply replaces 303 (So Far)Textures in Valheim. This is my 1st official Mod, which started out as an experiment, quickly turned into a passion project. I've been working on this every day, and its constantly being updated and improved. You can see them being created live at my Twitch at !

Permissions and credits
*More Updates!*
Looking more like Skyrim every day! XD
-In this update we have some Spicy Terrain textures! Grass is now in its Optimizing Folders.
-Shields!! All the Shields! Even Serpent! We have shield variations for Plain old Wood to Black Metal! I figured it out after many, many hours. It was a process. I hope to see some more shield design mods out there in the future! Feel free to trace over my maps to sue them as a blueprint <3 they are very accurate!

-Fixed the Thach Roof. No more big X Cross at the tops.
-Fixed the Fire Fog Fiinnaaallllly. Sorry about that.
-Wolves have been textured
-Drake Helm Horns are back and look like a Drake Horn.
-Normal Maps reduced to 1K for optimization
...and too much more to remember.

Special Thanks to everyone who has endorsed, commented, and come by the stream to provided me with ideas and feedback <3 
Its takes a Village. Thanks for joining Mine! Hope everyone is having beautiful and immersive Adventures! 


Aloha! Thanks for checking out this Mod! 
This is my 1st official Mod! It started out as an experiment and quickly turned into a passion project. I've been working on this every day since, and its constantly being updated and improved. I finally got to a point where I would be satisfied to share my work with others! My aim is to show the Potential of Valheim in a sort of realistic manner. My community has motivated me to reach this far, and continue the grind! You can see the textures being created live at my Twitch at ! I stream almost every day, around 1pm PDT as a full time Artist. Maybe we can Adventure together!

I have a lot of learning to do still, as I plan on incorporating a few models to replace a few weapons and armor. I just haven't quiet learned that yet lol.

All the Custom Textures are 2K resolution! This Mod will replace 255 vanilla textures. It was like solving a puzzle backwards trying to find the UV Maps for some of these, but they are pretty accurate for the most part. 
Off the top of my head some of the textures being replaced are as listed:
-Shrubs n Bushes
-Wood Building mats
-Stone Building mats
-All of the current Crafting/Forging Equipment.......(The log on the Smiths Anvil I cannot find the texture map for...One day tho)
-Swords(Iron, Silver, Black Metal)
-Shields(Main Wood for iron and basic, Silver Shield, Black Metal Shield)-They have my Logo etched on them for now, in future versions ill make a separate one with out. if you do not enjoy, feel free to take it out of your /CustomTextures Folder
-Iron Armor 
-Silver Armor
-Padded Armor
-Troll hide(did this for the cape as an experiment, but looks cool)
-Long Boat
-Cruise Ship
-All the Capes
-Green and Black Banners
and a bunch of various other things. Just adding as i progress through the game


Wow! I did not expect such fast and immidiate feedback! Thanks everyone who has come by and helped me out so far <3 its a big game, and i dont always get to see some finnicky textures like the dang fog XD Cheers guys!
This update will include the following texture updates:
--All the Bows-(Crude-DraugerFang)
--All the Swords(Bronze-BlackMetal)
--All the Maces(Bronze-Porcupine)
--All the Axes! Battle Axe, Bronze-BlackMetal hatchet)
--All the Atgiers(Bronze-Black Metal)
--Abys Pack(Knife, Harpoon)
--All the Spears(Bronze, Iron, Ancient)
as well as the Stone and wood Building tools, Cultivator and PickAxes(Bronze-Iron)
Both WildFire textures Replaced with a smooth Fog
Think that's all...Been working non stop the past 4 days since release <3

Please keep the feedback coming! Let me know what you like and what i can do better at! The texture maps are hard to read, but some of these weapon textures are very Spice.

Serpent Gear
Terrain Update
Fix Thatch roof(Too big)
Food Overhaul(Cooked Meals and ingredients)
Make the snowflakes less Opaque
1K Optimization


This Mod will require the "Custom Textures" Mod. You can get this here at Special thanks to aedenthorn for this awesome easy to use dll <3

Place the CustomsTextures dll file in the BepInEx/plugins folder. You will need BepInEx. AKA Valheim Plus :

Start up the game to create a Custom Textures Folder, then exit the game. The Custom Textures Folder will now be in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

To use my spicy textures, just download this Ziped/Winrar File, open the Custom Textures Folder, Select the textures you want (Ctrl+A for all) and drag them into your BepInEx/plugins/Customtextures Folder. Should be good to go! Enjoy!

Special thank you to badgerint for teaching me some of those spicy UV Coordinates! 
Wouldn't have be the same process with out your hard work!

As this is my 1st Mod, Feed back is Super welcome! let me know things i could fix and things you would like to see! I plan on doing all 378 textures for this mod. Thanks to everyone who has helped this far!
More reference Pics and Video coming soon!
Stay Breezy! <3
P.S There is a Link to a dono Page on my Twich if anyone is feeling generous for the hard work we have put into this mod <3 Cheers!