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The most realistic stone and castle textures you will find on the Nexus! Newly updated and improved! New textures added regularly! A 1k, 2k and 4k retexture of some of the boring and unrealistic stone, rock and castle textures. 21 textures so far but I am focusing on quality rather than quantity. I hope that is evident in these textures. Enjoy!

Permissions and credits
Why is this mod realistic? For 2 reasons:

(1) According to my research, Vikings typically did not use such large stones to construct their hillforts. (A quick google search will show you what I mean) Some stones used for construction in Valheim are almost the size of a Buick! Vikings generally used smaller, more manageable stones for construction. They used field stones of varying shapes and sizes.

(2) Stones fade in color while exposed to the elements for long periods of time. This may be just my personal preference, but I like my castles to look like they've stood the test of time. Having a castle with stones that have a dark, almost blueish tint doesn't have that realistic feel. That is why the stones in these textures are somewhat faded and have an earthy tone to them.

(Required Mods)
1. BepInEx (Installation instructions are on the website through this link)
2. Custom Textures (to install this, first install the mod into <Steam Location>\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder. Then Create a file called, "CustomTextures" within the plugins folder)

Simply copy and paste all of the .PNG files from this mod into the "CustomTextures" folder that you created. (Note: If you have other texture mods downloaded or are planning on adding others, install my mod after you do so.)

I would love to see your creations using these textures! Please feel free to upload images of your castles!

- Optimized and improved 4k textures. 
- 1k and 2k options
- New stone floor texture (I was not satisfied with the original look and after 6 attempts at improvement I finally came up with these!) 
- New Rock moss textures
- New copper ore textures

This update changes every texture so please download the full file even if you already have this mod. Installation instructions remain the same. Just overwrite the previously installed textures.

(Road Map) 
(Note: Not in any specific order)
(1) I will be tweaking/optimizing some of the current textures.(Done)
(2) I will be adding other textures. (Such as copper, tin deposits)
(3) I will be making lower resolution (1k and 2k) textures for those who like the realistic look but are a little off-put by the contrast between the 4k textures and vanilla textures. (Done)
(4) I will be making a darker (But still realistic) variant of the current castle textures that I think will be a welcomed option for those who want a more menacing look to their castles.
(5) I will be making an 8k version of these textures as well. 
(6) I am also working on a realistic wood mod. (This will likely be a separate mod)

(As an additional suggestion for those who like the high resolution textures but don't like the huge contrast to the vanilla textures)
I recommend the following mods to help with that:
1. (To start with) HD Valheim (WIP) or Valheim Vanilla HD
2. (And possibly) Badgers 2k Re-Texture or Ivy's Texture Pack
(Note: Remember to install My textures after installing these mods)