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Trades out some of the original animal sounds for realistically immersive ones. Currently changes the deer, boar, and now WOLVES.

**This mod also reduces the SFX chance for wolves and deer for more realistic vocality and less annoying animals.**

Permissions and credits
As an avid outdoorsman and wildlife enthusiast, I was incredibly annoyed by the terrible animal sounds in this otherwise amazing game. Perhaps these tracks are simply place-holders for the moment, but the prehistoric rhino sounds with speed and pitch modifiers and monster/zombie sounds just weren't quite doing it for me, personally. So I decided to use some of the sounds from my personal game dev project to help out! All of my sounds are taken from actual recordings of wildlife and/or mouth calls used myself.

What this mod does:

Deer SFX
  • Changes deer idle sounds from [crazy duck-monkeys] to [actual grunts and calls used by wild deer]. Also added a third sound in order to add some variety as it can sound very strange when more than one deer plays the same randomly chosen track at the same time.
  • Changes deer alert sounds from [the sound of a rubber chicken being stepped on] to [an actual recording of a deer blowing its warning snort]. Trust me, if you've heard this in real life it'll give you a start. When they are alerted, but not sure what you are, deer will often huff loudly and stomp at you before running.
  • Changes deer death sounds from [the simultaneous bellow of a dozen geese through a jet engine] to [an actual deer bawl].
  • Reduces the deer idle sfx chance to 30% for less annoying and more realistic deer vocality.

Boar SFX
  • Changes boar idle, alert, hit, death, and attack sounds from [quiet, nearly non existent, monster snarls and otherwise extreme monster roars] to [audible snorts and squeals recorded from actual wild Arkansas razorbacks]!

Wolf SFX
  • Changes wolf idle, alert, hit, death, and attack sounds to from [zombie wolf howls and bites] to [an assortment of varying howls, barks, growls, and whines].
  • All wolf sounds were taken from live recordings of actual wolves. This one took a lot of time finding the resources and clipping the audio into usable tracks!
  • Wolf howls are now reduced by 50% while also adding a variation of howls and barks to imitate the melody of these vocal creatures while also respecting the fact that they are a predatory animal and are not ALWAYS vocal. Hopefully this will be less annoying in gameplay as well.

Future Changes:
  • Reduce crow sfx when in the Black Forest.
  • New Lox sfx.
  • People have asked for more variety and sex specific sfx. (grunts for bucks, bleats for doe, piglet sounds for baby pigs, etc.) This was my original goal, but I have not found a way to achieve this yet.

As I play more of this game, I may decide that other animal and creature sounds deserve revamping. I still have much left to discover in this great game and may come back to this mod later. 


This mod requires the BepInExPack Valheim and the Custom Audio mod to be installed as a prerequisite. 

Manual Installation

After installing "BepInExPack" and "Custom Audio" you can install my mod by extracting the files into the BepInEx/plugins folder within your Valheim game directory. 

NOTE: This mod would not be possible without the Custom Audio Mod. So they deserve much thanks and credit. 

If you have a request, feel free to post it and maybe I'll add more content. The sounds used in this mod are my sole property and I would ask that you PLEASE do not use them in any other mod or outside project at this time. If I decide to share this mod as an open source, I will post so here. For further information or if you still feel the need to discuss usage rights, PM me.

Known Issues 
  • Wolves will sometimes play a howling animation without playing any sound. This is working as intended and is part of the wolf SFX chance reduction.
  • Tame loxes will bark when being petted due to them sharing a sfx file with the wolf. I am working on a solution.
  • If you now have trouble with the Custom Audio Mod running constant audio file checks within your console menu, open the Custom Audio Config file within the BepInEx/Configs folder and turn both the Debug and the DumpInfo to = false.

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