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This is an edited version of Traktool's "Running Skill Give More Carry Weight"

I liked what Traktool did with his mod, and wanted more than just the Run skill to give carry weight. This mod allows you to increase your carry weight according to any of the skills.

Permissions and credits
This is an edited version of Traktool's "Running Skill Gives More Carry Weight" mod. Instead of just the Run skill, all skills can give bonus carry weight.

The default settings provide 2 extra weight per level from the Run, Jump and Swim skills and 1 extra weight per level from the Unarmed skill.

v1.0.1 adds the ability to change the character's base carry weight (default 300).

All of these are configurable in the mod's config file found at {steam path}\Valheim\BepInEx\config\SkillsGiveMoreCarryWeight.cfg

v1.0.2 adds the ability to use 1 decimal place (e.g. 1.5) when configuring how much weight you get per skill value. Since the final weight does not have decimals, the calculated weight to add is rounded to nearest whole number. 

As always, back up whatever you don't want to lose and install any mod at your own risk.

This mod, exactly like Traktool's that its copied from, requires BepinEx for Valheim.

To install, simply extract the dll into {steam path}\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins.