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First person mode. Enables you to zoom in all the way to enter a first person mode. With other changes to make the experience playable.

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I am aware of the issue with shields and will work to fix it.

Just zoom all the way in to go into first person mode.

Still very much a work in progress but Its pretty playable. I had fun.


I've added a configuration file for FOV and a couple other things. It is generated first time you run the game with the mod loaded, example at bottom of page. (located in "...Valheim\BepInEx\config\CameraMod.Kailen_.cfg"

These settings are reloaded anytime you hit the OK button on the in game settings. So you can experiment with the FOV while in game.

Things changed in 1st person:
Ship rudder hud is moved to lower center of screen.
Damage texts are bigger and re positioned so you can see them.

known issues and other stuff:
  • you can see through parts of yourself if you try.
  • a lot of the dynamic ui elements are not visible unless you are looking at where they popup (damage to you, and the boat steering symbols were the first i noticed, I'm sure there are more. might try to fix this.  FIXED: Ship hud now moved and damage texts more visible.
  • the bow does not aim up or down but that's just how the game is, I might try and have it move if i can get it to look natural.
  • hard to see using the bow right now. plan to fix it.
  • the grass and apparently birch trees don't see to follow the same culling rules or something. Ill have to look at it.
  • I'm sure a bunch of other stuff.

Installation: after installing BepInexPack just put the CameraMod.dll in the plugins folder (in its own nested folder if you want)

## Settings file was created by plugin CameraMod v0.0.0.3
## Plugin GUID: CameraMod.Kailen_


## First person field of view, games default is 65
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 80
First Person FOV: = 80

## Third person field of view, games default is 65
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 65
Third Person FOV: = 65

## a multiplier to make the damage text display longer in first person. (.5 will make the text display twice as long, .25 would be 4x as long. etc.)
# Setting type: Single
# Default value: 1
DamageText delay = 1

## font size of damagetext in first person mode. games defualt is 16. anything bigger than 32 seems to have issues appearing sometimes
# Setting type: Int32
# Default value: 32
DamageText font size = 32