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vCOMMERCE - Basic = Creates a 'coin' economy for Valheim, encouraging selling over trashing items. Hildir & Haldor traders will now buy & sell numerous items. Progression unlocks higher tier trades. Both traders will deal with a large list of common items; however, specific traders also have EXCLUSIVE trade & progression-based items.

Permissions and credits
Traders Extended - vCOMMERCE CONFIG
VERSION = BASIC Vanilla (Core Items, Drops & Materials)

- Add these 6 JSON files to Traders Extended plugin to create a basic economy in Valheim.
- Certain items require specific mob kills.
- Add value to trash mobs and junk drops, sell your junk for coin and buy items you want.
- Specific items have been omitted to preserve player motivations to explore/progress.
- Hildir sells basic health & vitality food, better quality unlocks as low-tier bosses are killed.
- Haldor sells higher tier foods, nothing unlocks until at least the Elder is killed.
- All traders have a common items listing; however, Hildir & Haldor have exclusive items and unlocks also.
- It is best to find Hildir in the meadows 1st, since her quests will usually end up sending you near Haldor.
- Hildir is setup to be the low-tier beginner trader since Haldor's better items are progression locked.
- Items are grouped whenever possible to make searching easier (Potions with potions, ores with ores.)
- Double clicking on stackable single items allows you to choose an amount to sell.
- Coin weight encumbrance forced some items to be stacked in groups of 10. 
- To encourage sailing & fishing, all water-related items have special profit margins.

Forgotten Expanse (10 Maps with Trader Portals for day one trades. Spawn regions with 4+ biomes!)
Weightless Coins by Menthus (Removes coin weight altogether.  Tested 01/23/2024 = Works!)
PackHorse by Smoothbrain (Adds a skill to increase player weight capacity, helps with gold coin weight.)
Blood Siege - Custom Raid Configs (Adds 8 new types of raid events: ie: Ambush, Hunt, Boon, Weather events.)

vCOMMERCE - Pro Vanilla (Crafted items economy added)
vCOMMERCE - Pro Epic Loot (Crafted items economy added)
vCOMMERCE - Basic Epic Loot (No crafting economy, Epic Loot compatible)

INSTALLATION: All JSON's should be copied to your "Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/shundal-TradersExtended" folder

DEFAULT = C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\shundal-TradersExtended

THUNDERSTORE = C:\Users\"YOUR CPU NAME" \AppData\Roaming\Thunderstore Mod Manager\DataFolder\Valheim\profiles\"YOUR SERVER PROFILE"\BepInEx\plugins\shudnal-TradersExtended

Basically all the vCOMMERCE files must be in the same folder as the Traders Extended plugin, not the CONFIGS!!!