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This is an un-official community fix maintained by Grantapher.

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This is an unofficial release maintained by Grantapher(not me)


A HarmonyX Mod aimed at improving the gameplay quality of Valheim. The mod includes several different main features that allow users to modify the stats of players, buildings and entities. V+ also offers players the ability to build and place objects with very high precision through a sophisticated system, as well as tweaking and modifying already placed objects with equal precision. We also supply a high-performance automation system for all production buildings to automatically pull and push from nearby chests, in addition to allowing to craft and build from nearby chests. The goal is to provide V+ as a base modification for Valheim to increase the quality of life, tweak the game's difficulty, and in general, improve the player's experience. V+ also comes with a version and configuration control system for servers and users, enabling server owners to ensure that only players with the same configuration are able to join the server.

All Features

  • Modify stamina consumption and regeneration.
  • Modify stamina consumption when using tools and weaponry.
  • Modify food duration.
  • Disable food degradation over time (maintain full benefit for the whole duration).
  • Modify carry load.
  • Modify auto-pickup range.
  • Modify unarmed damage.
  • Modify base amount of unarmed damage that is multiplied by your unarmed skill level.
  • Modify each skill's experience gain separately by percent.
  • Remove screen shakes.
  • Tweak/disable death penalty.
  • Tweak Rested bonus duration per comfort level.
  • Disable the use of portals.
  • Modify the Guardian buff duration and cooldown
  • Disable tutorials from Valkyrie.
  • Modify the velocity and accuracy of projectiles from bows and javelins including an option to scale it with skill level.
  • Option to sleep without setting your spawn point.

  • Show skill experience gains and current skill level in the top left corner on gaining exp.
  • Show amount of items in the player's inventory when crafting or building an object.
  • Show numerical stamina value below stamina bar.
  • Disable red screen flash on receiving damage.
  • Display a warning message when attempting to place different crops too close to each other.
  • Hotkey options for forward and backward roll.
  • Display in-game clock in the top center.
  • Disable Fog.
  • Option to increase brightness at night.
  • Show the amount of arrows when a bow is equipped.

  • Change the player's Field of View.
  • Change the maximum zoom-out distance.
  • Change the maximum zoom-out distance when on a boat.
  • Switch between first person and third person on button press.
  • Hotkeys for changing FOV in the first person.

  • Force all players in the server to display their map position.
  • Allow all players to share all map exploration with every other player in the server, as long as their map position is displayed.
  • A system to automatically share all map progression with players connecting, even if they have never been on the server.
  • Option to show boats and carts on the map with icons.
  • A Map Marker UI to share your map markers with people currently online.

  • Modify the amount of resources dropped on the destruction of objects
  • (this includes chitin, stone, all types of wood, and all other mineable resources like copper or silver).
  • Modify the amount of resources gathered from interactable objects.
    • Edibles: Carrots, Blueberries, Cloudberries, Raspberries, Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, Yellow Mushrooms
    • Flowers and Ingredients : Barley, CarrotSeeds, Dandelions, Flax, Thistle, TurnipSeeds, Turnips
    • Materials : BoneFragments, Flint, Stone, Wood
    • Valuables : Ambers, AmberPearls, Coins, Rubys
    • Surtling cores on item stands inside dungeons.
  • Modify the drop chance of resources from destroyed objects that have a drop chance like muddy scrap piles.

  • Modify the weight contribution of items placed inside a wagon.
  • Modify the base weight of all wagons.

  • Option to set fires to retain maximum fuel once the fuel is added.
  • Option to set torches and braziers to retain maximum fuel once the fuel is added.
  • A system to allow wood to be automatically pulled and inserted from nearby chests from fires.
  • A system to automatically pull wood on interaction with a fireplace from nearby chests.

  • Modify the difficulty multipliers applied to the health and damage of enemies based on the number of connected players.
  • Modify the range at which the game considers other players to be nearby.
  • Add a number of players to the player count for the purpose of difficulty calculation.
  • Set the difficulty calculation to a specific player count.

  • Modify the inventory behaviour so that items will be placed in the first slot rather than the last available slot.
  • Modify the size of player inventory and all types of containers, including vehicles:

    • Player inventory can be extended up to 20 x 8.
    • Wood chest inventory can be extended up to 10 x 8.
    • Iron chest inventory can be extended up to 20 x 8.
    • Personal chest inventory can be extended up to 20 x 8.
    • Cart/Wagon chest inventory can be extended up to 30 x 8.
    • Karve chest inventory can be extended up to 30 x 8.
    • Longboat chest inventory can be extended up to 30 x 8.

Note: Player inventory slot configuration is not compatible with Equipment and Quick slots mod unless the Inventory section is disabled.

  • Modify the durability of each item type separately.
  • Modify the amount of armor granted by armor pieces.
  • Modify the amount of damage blocked by all shields.
  • Remove teleport prevention from all items.
  • Reduce the weight of all items by percent.
  • Modify maximum item stack size by percent.
  • ['] Make all items float in water.

  • Allow building using the content of nearby chests.
  • Allow crafting from stations using the content of nearby chests.
  • Allow searching for items that fit inside nearby chests in addition to the inventory when interacting with objects.
  • as example when interacting with a kiln, it will search for wood in nearby chests in addition to your inventory.

  • Modify Workbench radius.
  • Disable Workbench requirements for roof and exposure.
  • Modify the radius at which Workbench attachments can be placed.
  • Allow crafting stations to automatically repair all appropriate items in the player's inventory on interaction.

Kiln, Furnace and Blast Furnace
  • Modify Kiln, Furnace and Blast Furnace processing speed.
  • Modify Kiln, Furnace and Blast Furnace maximum capacity.
  • Disable Fine Wood and/or Round Log processing for Kiln.
  • Allow fuel-type items to be automatically pulled from the closest containers.
  • Allow Kiln to stop pulling wood from the closest containers when a specific threshold has been reached.
  • Allow items produced by Kiln, Furnace and Blast Furnace to be automatically placed in the closest containers.
  • Allow the Furnace to process all ore types instead of just Black Metal Scrap and Flametal Ore.

  • Modify Beehive honey production speed.
  • Modify Beehive capacity.
  • Display time left until the next production.
  • Allow items produced by Beehive to be automatically placed in the closest containers.

  • Modify Fermenter speed.
  • Modify Fermenter output amount.
  • Display time left until it's finished its next production.
  • Allow meads to be automatically pulled from closest containers.
  • Allow items produced by Fermenter to be automatically placed in the closest containers.

  • Modify Windmill speed production speed.
  • Modify the maximum amount of barley that can be placed inside.
  • Allow ignoring wind intensity so it's always producing at max speed.
  • Allow barley to be automatically pulled from the closest containers.
  • Allow items produced by Windmill to be automatically placed in the closest containers.

Spinning Wheel
  • Modify Spinning Wheel production speed.
  • Modify the maximum amount of flax that can be placed inside.
  • Allow flax to be automatically pulled from the closest containers.
  • Allow items produced by Spinning Wheel to be automatically placed in the closest containers.

Tamed Pets
  • Added option for tamed creatures to be normal, essential, or immortal.
  • Added option for modifying the time a tamed essential animal will spend stunned after being hit with what would normally be a killing blow.
  • Added option for determining whether only the owner of a tamed creature can hurt it or not(which also circumvents the essential/immortality option).

  • Modify the velocity and accuracy of projectiles.
  • Modify damage and health scaling of monsters in multiplayer based on player count.

  • Remove the password requirement for the server.
  • Modify the maximum amount of players on a server.
  • Modify the number of seconds it takes for items to despawn after being dropped on the ground. (default is 3600 seconds).
  • Note: Items on the ground will retain base game functionality which ensures that drops don't disappear if a player is nearby or there is a "player base" nearby
  • Automatically sync the V+ configuration of players joining a server to match the server's configuration.

Chat System
  • Change default text visibility distances for all types of in-game messages.
  • Disable forced uppercase and lowercase in the shout and whisper messages.
  • Options to limit shouting distance.
  • Options to limit ping distance.

Building Features
  • Disable the "Invalid Placement" restriction while building.
  • Disable "Mystical forces" restriction while building and allows destroying objects using the hammer in the area.
  • Disable deterioration of placeables from weather exposure.
  • Disable deterioration of placeables from water exposure.
  • Free rotation mode for the default Building Mode.
  • Advanced Building Mode.
  • Advanced Editing Mode.
  • Allow aligning buildings to a global grid.
  • Modify the structural integrity of placeables.
  • Modify the maximum distance you can place objects.
  • Added the ability for the hammer tool to repair all placeables in an area instead of just the targeted placeable.
  • Added option for placeables destroyed/dismantled by players to always drop their full material cost, even if built by another player.
  • Modify the effective radius of comfort placeables.
  • Modify Ward structure protection radius.

Grid Alignment
  • When pressing the configured key (left alt is the default) new buildings will be aligned to a global grid.
  • Spoiler:  

Structural Integrity
  • Apply a modifier to the structural integrity of the following materials:
    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Iron
    • Hardwood
  • Disable structural integrity entirely (this will cause objects placed in mid-air to not break and fall).
  • Make anything built by players immune to all damage.
  • Make boats invincible to all damage.

Free Rotation Mode for the default Building Mode
Video demo:

Advanced Building Mode
Video demo:

NOTE: Objects built with this system are not exempt from the structure/support system. Dungeons and other no-build areas are still restricted.

Advanced Editing Mode
Video demo:

Installation Instructions
We supply 4 different versions of V+ with every release since version 0.8. You can find detailed instructions on how to install these variants below.

Both the game and the server should have this mod installed to prevent all kinds of different issues.
If you have the mod installed and then have friends join over Steam they should have the mod as well.


Vortex Installation

Manual Installation





What if the game updates?
Game updates are unlikely to do more than partially break specific features of ValheimPlus at worst.
In case you encounter any issues, use Steam's verify integrity feature and wait for it to download/update all files.
This should resolve any issues related. If you continue to have issues, contact the help channel in our discord server.

Configuration File
The Config file name is supposed to be "valheim_plus.cfg" and it needs to be placed in "BepInEx\config".

You can turn off and on every feature of V+ via the config file, by default, all settings are turned off.

By default, the "BepInEx\config\valheim_plus.cfg" is created when you start your game or server the first time.

The configuration of an older version of Valheim Plus will automatically be updated to a newer version.

When hosting a server, the server configuration file overwrites the client's configuration file on connect if you have the Server section and the serverSyncsConfig option enabled.

Only the server configuration file (located in the server files) needs to be set up when hosting a server with V+ by default.

When hosting for other players over Steam, every player will need v+ and they will receive the local settings from the host's game folder.

Mod Compatibility
We try to keep valheim plus as compatible and least intrusive as possible. However, some mods are incompatible to a certain degree.
If you are a mod author and you are reading this. Please don't simmer on your disappointment or develop resentment against us for causing you incompatibility issues.
Please get in contact with us on Discord, contact me directly (nx#8830) or anyone in the the team. We all have open direct messages and we are more than willing to work towards every extend to make your mod compatible with ours. We just simply won't know about it being incompatible without users or yourself reporting it to us.

Creature Level and Loot Control:
- Our difficulty scaling changes are not applied from our [Difficulty] section. However, that's no issue at all and gameplay is not affected besides it. This mod offers a lot more extensive features about it, so you should use its settings instead to adjust it.
- The stack size changes are not compatible with each other, you will either have to use the ones from v+ or the ones from this mod.
Serversided Simulations:
- is currently not compatible with anything related to autoDeposit or similar automatic functions of production buildings.
(We are in contact with the mod author to resolve this.)
HoldAttack Mod:
- Incompatible, we have tried to get in contact with the mod author to no avail. We can only recommend using another mod with the same functionality that is still being curated.

Bug Reports
Every bug report that does not follow the following syntax or provides more than the default template in terms of information, has a high chance of being removed without comment. We do check and verify every single bug report, even if we remove or close them.


Join the Discord
We have several different channels including a showcase channel and alpha testing system, allowing players to always get the newest versions available to test out.
We also have a suggestions and bug-reports channel available.

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