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Adds more than 60 food recipes. Adiciona mais de 60 receitas de comida.

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While being lore-friendly, the mod grants a different approach on meals, especially if you're tired of gathering specific items to make specific recipes. Valheim's Cuisine gives a little more flexibility on food preparation, making good of what you have on your inventory at the moment and gives more purpose for collecting different kinds of foods from different biomes.

The recipes are inspired on existing delicacies from the nordic countries, many of which trace back to the viking age, such as skause (boiled meat stew) and hákarl (fermented shark meat). They also reference various myths, stories, cultural aspects and social roles of the vikings, to better fit into the game.


Enquanto amigável ao folclore, o mod oferece uma abordagem diferente nas refeições, especialmente se você está cansado de coletar itens específicos para fazer receitas específicas. Valheim's Cuisine oferece um pouco mais de flexibilidade no preparo de alimentos, aproveitando o que você tem em seu inventário no momento e dá mais propósito para coletar diferentes tipos de alimentos de diferentes biomas.

As receitas são inspiradas em iguarias existentes nos países nórdicos, muitas das quais remontam à era viking, como o skause (ensopado de carne cozida) e o hákarl (carne de tubarão fermentada). Eles também fazem referência a vários mitos, histórias, aspectos culturais e papéis sociais dos vikings, para melhor se encaixar no jogo.



  • More than 60 new recipes inspired on cultural nordic delicacies, with norse mythology references to fit the game 

Item prefab list


  • Mais de 60 novas receitas inspiradas nas iguarias culturais nórdicas, com referências da mitologia nórdica para encaixar no jogo 
  • Localização para português brasileiro



Delete previous version of the .dll AND .cfg and install the newest version normally.


Exclua as versões anteriores do .dll E DO .cfg e instale a versão mais recente normalmente.


Translate it to your language here.


Azumatt for his ItemManagerModTemplate and his tutorial videos on modmaking;
OhhLoz for general help (check out his mod);
Steamvikings for help balancing;
Odin Plus discord server for bug fixing.
carpenteer for bug reporting/bug fixing.


  • 1.0.43 - Yet another bug fixing. Changed Mímirsbrunnr Drops drop origin from dvergr crates to dvergr support mage, since it wasn't dropping from the crates.
  • 1.0.42 - Fixed log warnings; Fixed Lox Milk and other items that share the same model's missing textures, thus fixing a bug that caused the game to freeze and crash for some players; Fixed Crispy Puffers recipe; Fixed Blueberry Eyescream name; Raised Einherjar Mixture costs.
  • 1.0.41 - Fixed Saehrimnir regeneration bug.
  • 1.0.4 - Fixed banquets, so you'll be able to actually consume them now; Fixed Serpent Svid icon; Added effects to Legendary recipes; Rebalanced some recipes, mostly Ocean ones, they were a little overpower; Added a 5% chance of Fenring Cultists dropping the Bloodmoon Stew; Changed King's Jam name to Idunn's Confiture; Added Jöfurr Mixture, Eikthyr Svid, Ullr's Hunting Philter, Ancient Bark Flour, Tunnbröd, Einherjar Mixture, Dvergr Tonic and Mímisbrunnr Drops. Checkout google docs file for more information.
  • 1.0.3 - Fixed log warnings; Balanced values, so that the recipes benefit stamina as well; Raised stats of ocean recipes, making them the most rewarding; Fixed some items not stacking; Fixed effect of Dvergr Miner Broth; Chopped Veggies craft amount is now 2; Added Pottage, Jomsviking Stew; Ashlandic Fish Soup; Icelandic Fried Fish and Grouper Pottage. Checkout google docs file for more information.
  • 1.0.2 - Balanced recipes with fish, to make fishing more rewarding; Added Boar Svid, Myrkvidr Skause, Jormungandr Stew, Serpent Svid, Tuna with Herbs and Njord's Favorite. Checkout google docs file for more information.
  • 1.0.1 - Ulfhednar mixture nerfed (too op)
  • 1.0.0 - Release


Ravens of Asgard - lots of viking recipes and lifestyle
Tasting History - recipes and history from all periods of time (search for "viking", of course)
Viking Food - a collection of viking age recipes with some history lessons
Viking Recipes - a ton of recipes
Wardruna - one of the best nordic folk bands, alongside with Danheim
Valheim Playz - my personal valheim gaming playlist



Well, finally, if you like the mod, please endorse it and if you experience any issues, please report so it can be fixed right away. If you don't like the balancing, share your opinion, I'm opened for suggestions and requests.

If there are any grammar errors in this mod page, please forgive me, english is not my native language.

Thanks for the support!


Bem, finalmente, se você gosta do mod, "endorse"-o e se tiver algum problema, informe para que possa ser corrigido imediatamente. Se você não gosta do balanceamento, dê sua opinião, estou aberto a sugestões e solicitações.

Obrigado pelo apoio!