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Pokéheim - catch 'em all

A completely different experience. You don't build houses or progress through technological stages, and your weapons and armor don't matter. You build Pokéballs from rocks and use them to capture monsters. Your monsters fight other monsters for you, until you've amassed an army to take on the bosses.

Permissions and credits
We recommend playing Pokéheim with a fresh character and world!

Played before? See changes in v2.

Pokéheim - A Valheim Mod by Joey Parrish


Long ago, the Allfather Odin created the monsters. No one knows why he did
this. Some say he was probably drunk. Others say he was surely drunk.
In any case, he eventually crammed them all onto a weird, flat planet and
lost the keys.

For centuries, he actually forgot all about this planet. The monsters
enjoyed their world, free from the gods.

When Odin finally remembered the whole monster thing, he decided that
something had to be done to catch 'em... all of 'em. But Odin's always been
more of an "idea man", so he sent Professor Raven to kidnap you and make
you do it.

He says you "gotta"...


About Pokéheim

Pokéheim is a completely different experience than Valheim. You don't build houses, you don't progress through technological stages, and your weapons and armor don't matter. You build Pokéballs from rocks and use them to capture monsters. Your monsters will then fight other monsters for you, until you've amassed an army big enough to take on the bosses.

We recommend starting with a fresh character and world. If you don't, please make a backup of anything you care about. It will probably be fine, but better safe than sorry.

Preview Videos

We recommend trying the mod and letting yourself be pleasently surprised. If you need to be enticed, though, please check out these preview videos:

V2 Changes

  • Numerous multiplayer sync issues fixed, including "return" button, cloned monsters, missing sounds, missing balls, and bogus messages
  • Fixed various issues with Odin in the multiplayer ending, including an infinite "Odin loop"
  • Monster AI will now prioritize attacking enemies over following you
  • Pokeballs are now more accurate
  • Increased zoom out distance while riding
  • While riding Moder, she can now be commanded to both walk and fly
  • Saddled monsters wait for commands instead of acting on their own
  • Fixed attacking while riding
  • Replaced "level" system (1-star, 2-star) with "shiny" monsters
  • Fixed vanishing saddles when calling monsters to return
  • Fixed getting stuck riding a deathsquito when it faints
  • Useless (for Pokeheim) items are now suppressed in pickables, drops and dungeons
  • You can change clothes with a "style" button in the inventory, without visiting the Wardrobe
  • Fainted skeletons no longer count against spawners
  • Wardrobe now respects DLC restrictions
  • Improved styling on Giovanni's Persian


  • MountUp, v3.2.9 - We borrow
    the generic saddle prefab from this mod, and disable the rest. We have our own mounting, saddle placement, and riding system in Pokéheim.
  • Jötunn, v2.7.2+ - The framework
    on which Pokéheim is built.
  • BepInEx,
    v5.4+ - The framework on which Jötunn is built.


  • Any mod adding monsters to Valheim should work just fine with Pokéheim. Pokéheim discovers all monster at runtime. New monsters will be capturable, will be listed in the Pokédex, and will count toward completion of the game, but will not be rideable.
  • Any mod adding armor to Valheim should also work with Pokéheim. Pokéheim discovers all armor at runtime. New armor will show up in the style dialog and in the wardrobe. Might we recommend CustomWigs?
  • Any mod that adds new resources or recipes to Valheim will be non-functional with Pokéheim, but Pokéheim is unlikely to be harmed by it.
  • Pokéheim is NOT compatible with AllTameable. Pokéheim has its own way of making monsters Tameable (by capturing them), so you should not use it with AllTameable.
  • The Pacifist mod interferes with the "fainting" system in Pokéheim by disabling Ragdolls.


The server and all players must be using the mod, and everyone must use the same version of the mod.


Just use your favorite mod manager and search for Pokeheim. If you have never installed a mod before, please check out docs/ or this video by YouTuber "donutsorelse".


Help translate Pokéheim into your language!

See docs/

Building from source

See docs/


Pokéheim was created by Joey Parrish.

All contributors and many others deserving thanks are listed in Pokeheim/Credits.cs

The authors and contributors of Pokéheim have no affiliation with the Pokémon Company or Niantic. This is both a parody and tribute.


Pokéheim is made possible by Jötunn: The Valheim Library. Many thanks to the authors of Jötunn for their wonderful library and their support on Discord!


Pokédex icon, Sort icon, and Ball icon made by Roundicons Freebies from FlatIcon

Style icon made by Freepik from FlatIcon

"Borrowed" Translations

Translations of things like "Pokédex" and "Pokéball" were extracted from the Pokémon Go APK.


Custom music for Pokéheim was arranged by Joey Parrish, to parody the work of Jarlestam, Masuda, Siegler, and Loeffler.

The music was scored in Musescore 3.6 and rendered using the Aegean Symphonic Orchestra Soundfont.

Special thanks to TheSlowPianist for their arrangement of the Valheim menu music, which informed the Pokéheim theme.