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Allows you to mount and control tamed Loxen, Boars, and Wolves.

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Allows you to mount and control tamed Loxen, Boars, and Wolves.


  • Mount a tamed creature by holding a modifier key (default: Left Shift) when you interact with a creature (so Left Shift + E with default controls.)
  • Control the creature with standard movement keys.
  • If you attempt to mount a Lox that already has a rider you will instead ride behind them with no control over the Lox.
  • You can dismount in the same ways as you get up from a sittable object like a chair, except of course for the movement keys, so jumping or attacking with a weapon for example will dismount you.
  • Mounts can use your stamina when you run with it (off by default), different mounts can have different rates of stamina usage.
  • Ability to add custom mounts (requires another mod to make other creatures Tameable)
  • Experimental: Jump on another player's back and get a ride, however Vikings aren't easily tamed, so you can't control them and are just along for the ride. (Off by default, must be turned on in config, due to a slight bug and the fact that riding around on other players is easily abused)


A config file is created in BepInEx\config\Koosemose.MountUp.cfg this allows you to set rather or not each of the 3 creatures are mountable, rather or not a second player attempting to mount a Lox will ride as a passenger, the experimental player mounting feature and what modifier key is used with the interact key to mount a creature. By default, all are turned on except player mounting and stamina usage with a running mount.
The stamina usage modifier for each mount is a multiplier, so a Lox with .5 will use half as much as a Boar with 1. If you were to change it to 2 it would use twice as much.
Adding Custom Mounts: Set "EnableCustomMounts" to true, and "CustomMountCount" to however many additional creatures you want to add.
To configure the mounts you will need to add a new numbered section for each new mount ("CustomMount 1", "CustomMount 2", and so on). Then will need at a minimum, "Name" set to the creature's Prefab name (for example a Drake is "Hatchling"). Then you can set the type of mount point to use, either Lox, Wolf, or Boar to use the same mount offset as those creatures, or Custom to set your own (the preset types aren't likely to line up quite right, but may help provide a starting point). If using Custom, you will need to set "MountPoint" (in the form of "{"x":0.0,"y":2.0,"z":1.0}"), if you choose one of the preset types it will also fill in "MountPoint" with the matching values. Finally there is "StaminaModifier", which functions just the same as the specific StaminaModifier settings for the standard mounts.

Server Use

If not all players on a server have the mod installed, you will only be able to control a mount when a client with the mod installed is simulating the area.

Manual Installation

Mount Up can be manually installed by placing the .dll in your BepinEx\plugins directory.

Known Issues

  • If the Player Mounting feature is turned on, and another player is riding you, it is possible to try to mount them, and with both players attempting to exist on each other's back, you will both rapidly shoot up into the air, until at least one of you dismounts.
  • There is currently an issue with interactions with Creature Level and Loot Control that may prevent mounting some creatures, or cause you to mount in its mouth, if either of these affect you, please use the previous version. A fix is being worked on, but needs further testing to ensure it doesn't cause further issues.