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Allows you to mount and control tamed Boars, and Wolves.

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Allows you to mount and control tamed Boars, and Wolves.

Updated for Hearth and Home, Wolves and Boar riding is now based on saddles like the Lox in the base game. Each has their own saddles that are craftable at lower tiers. Behavior of mounts is more reliable due to hooking into the base game's system for it. Some features have been lost, in some cases (such as using mounts to attack) because it wasn't in line with how the base game does mounts, or in the case of custom mountable creatures because there is not (to my knowledge) presently a mod that runs under H&H that allows you to make other creatures tameable, so there I don't see the point in devoting much time to that feature, if such a mod comes about or the old one returns, I will look into reimplementing this feature under the new system.


  • Craft Wolf and Boar Saddles, and place it on the appropriate tamed animal.
  • Wolf and Boar Saddles craftable at lower tiers than the Lox Saddle, Boar is craftable at Bronze tier, and Wolf at Silver tier.
  • Boars and Wolves control just like Lox in vanilla
  • Boars and Wolves have configurable stamina (default: 120 for the wolf, half what a Lox has, and 60 for a Boar)
  • All mounted animals (including the lox) can now be teleported through portals (in the case of the lox just shove its head into the portal and you and it will be teleported).
  • The Beautiful Saddle used on the boar and wolf models were provided by @Debarba ( )
  • Experimental: Jump on another player's back and get a ride, however Vikings aren't easily tamed, so you can't control them and are just along for the ride. Left Shift + Use key to mount a player (Off by default, must be turned on in config, due to a slight bug and the fact that riding around on other players is easily abused. Left Shift modifier key can be changed in config)


A config file is created in BepInEx\config\Koosemose.MountUp.cfg this allows you to set Stamina for each mount, rather or not they can be teleported, and enable or disable the experimental player mounting, and set the modifier key for player mounting. There is also now a setting called "Mount Point Adjustment", some other mods may adjust player size (particularly by replacing the player model), and since the placement of mount points is based on the standard player size, the player will not be properly positioned. Changing this setting can adjust for changes to player size.

Custom Mounts

First, new custom mounts must be a tameable creature, without other mods there are no tameable creatures that aren't already mountable. Next "Enable Custom Mounts" must be set to true in the config, along with setting "CustomMountCount" to 1 or more. If you run the game with these settings, a number of blank entries will be generated for custom mounts, after exiting the game again, these can be edited.

Now that you have entries to create your custom mounts, you need to enter the Name of the custom mount, this is the Prefab name, so for example if you want drakes, you would use "Hatchling", has a list of all prefabs in the game, and with the exception of the drake, their prefab name isn't wildly different from their in-game name, so it shouldn't be too hard to find it.

The next important part is the Mount Path, this determines roughly where the saddle is placed and what "bone" it is attached to. If you don't know what path to use, if you leave it blank, MountUp will attempt to find a reasonable path, and suggest a few alternatives if it can find any, as it may not find the best spot first. It will automatically set this value to the first path it finds (it looks for them in an order that tends to find better ones first). If you find out it is not suitable, your Player.log file will have a line like this:
[Message:  Mount Up] Found potential Mount Path for Hatchling: Hatchling_mountain/Armature/Root/Spine1
Possible Alternatives:

You can replace Mount Path with one of the others it found, or trim off a few steps, such as if you would want to mount more on the neck of the drake, you could use the last, and remove a few bones for Hatchling_mountain/Armature/Root/Spine1/Spine2/Neck1.

Saddle Tier and Stamina are simple, tier 1 is the Boar/Basic Saddle, 2 is Wolf/Standard Saddle, 3 is Lox/Advanced Saddle. And Stamina is how much stamina it has to use, for reference the Lox has 240, wolf 120, and Boar 60.

From here a mount will be functional but you will likely be seated a bit oddly. For positioning of the saddle itself and where you sit on it, you can use Saddle Position and Mount Point, generally x is going to be side to side, y up and down, and z back to front. If you'd prefer a more visual way of setting these, you can do so in game you can set "Enable Adjust Custom Mounts" to true. This will also disable animations of creatures (because their animations make it impossible to set saddle position and mount point, as things relative positions shift), so it is not advised to leave this true. Then in game you can hit the Adjust Custom Mount Mode Switch key (default left control + back quote ` ), to cycle through modes; None, Saddle Positioning, and Mount Point Positioning. The arrow keys and page up and down will adjust the position of each, holding Right Control, Right Shift, or RIght Alt will adjust how much you move them by (standard is 1, then .5, .1, and .05, respectively), each time you change one a line will appear in your Player.log file appropriate for pasting directly into your config file (so for Saddle position it will start with "Saddle Position = ", just like the config setting). Note: when adjusting the saddle and mount positions, if they get too far apart, Valheim may kick you out of the saddle, and you won't be able to get back on until you exit and reenter the world, so you may wish to alternate between moving these if you have to move them very far.

The final settings are "Saddle Scale" and "Saddle Rotation", most of the time these won't be needed, so their default settings should be fine. If it is needed Rotation is in degrees. A few creatures are rotated oddly in their natural position, the drake for example, faces straight up, so for it you'd want Saddle Rotation = {"x":270.0,"y":0.0,"z":0.0}.

Server Use

If not all players on a server have the mod installed, saddles may be lost, and other unpredictable things may happen if attempting to ride.

Manual Installation

Mount Up can be manually installed by placing the .dll in your BepinEx\plugins directory.

Known Issues

  • If the Player Mounting feature is turned on, and another player is riding you, it is possible to try to mount them, and with both players attempting to exist on each other's back, you will both rapidly shoot up into the air, until at least one of you dismounts.