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Disables tag-based portal pairing and instead provides a drop-down box for you to choose which destination portal you want to connect to.

Permissions and credits
Destination selection
When you interact with a portal, you'll see a new dropdown under the tag input text box. Click on the dropdown and select your desired destination. The list elements include the tag name of the destination portals and their distances from the player.

Show destination on map
Don't recognize a portal listed in the dropdown? Just select it and click the "Map" button to be shown where the portal is on the map.


  1. Install BepInEx
  2. Copy AnyPortal.dll to the BepInEx plugins directory (Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/)


AnyPortal works in multiplayer! Just be sure to install the mod on your Valheim server as well.
If the mod isn't running on the server, you'll notice the following symptoms:
  1. After selecting a portal in the dropdown,. it will become active for a few seconds but then deactivate
  2. Some portals may be missing from the dropdown list
  3. Connecting portals by tag name still works

If any of those things are happening, that means that either the mod is not installed on your server or an error occurred in the mod initialization, preventing it from loading all the way.
To debug, first make sure you have the latest version of AnyPortal installed. Then check the contents of the file LogOutput.log in your server's BepInEx folder and make sure you see in this line somewhere:
[Info:BepInEx] Loading [AnyPortal 1.0.4]
If you see any obvious errors, open an issue on GitHub and fill out the issue template.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please open all tickets on the GitHub page, For bugs, be sure to fill out the issue template with the appropriate information. Issues opened on the Nexus bugs section may be ignored or closed for low-effort reports or duplication.