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Allows you to craft X amount of an item in one click, with no waiting in between. True multi-crafting.

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Recipe X
You know how there are 2 recipes for Bronze? One that crafts 1 bar and one that crafts 5 bars? Well, this mod allows you add more recipes that do that same thing. So you could craft 20 Bread in one click, with no waiting like other mods.

 - Allows you to add new recipes to the game that are multiples of the original recipe
 - Each recipe can have it's own multiplier
 - Recipes can be enabled/disabled through the config
 - generates a file with all the vanilla recipes on first run

Installation (manual)
1. Copy and paste the RecipeX.dll file into your BepInEx/plugins folder.
2. Run the game. A file will be gererated in the BepInEx/config folder with the name thedefside.RecipeX.json
3. Exit the game. Edit the json file by setting Enabled = true and setting the multiplier > 1 for any recipe you want to use.

If you are having trouble formatting the json file, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Go to
  3. drag and drop the Json file onto the vs code window
  4. Right click on the document -> Format document.
  5. Ctrl+S to save.

 - Initial version

Known issues
Only works with vanilla recipes.

You can find the github at: