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Supercharge your multiplayer performance!

Compatible with Valheim 0.217.28!

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Compatible with Valheim 0.217.28 and above!
This mod greatly improves multiplayer performance. If you find this mod works as advertised, please endorse it!

Default settings should be fine for most people.

Settings (simple)

* If your lag is fixed, change nothing. You're good to go. Have fun!
* If NPCs are skipping, reduce everyone's update rate to 75% and increase their queue size to 48 KB.
* If a player is skipping, reduce their queue size to 32 KB. If they're already at 32 KB, reduce their update rate.
* If your server bandwidth is fantastic, try increasing its queue size to 80 KB.

Settings (advanced)

* Queue size increase: Sends more data, but deprioritizes "important" objects and can overload a player's internet.
* Update rate reduction: Sends data less often; if a person's internet is overloaded, this adds a little bit of lag in exchange for getting rid of a lot of lag.
* Queue size->32 KB / update rate->100%: up to 256 KB/s per player. [Default]
* Queue size->80 KB / update rate->100%: up to 640 KB/s per player.
* Queue size->32 KB / update rate->50%: up to 128 KB/s per player.

Useful information about Valheim

* ALWAYS quit the game using the in-game menu (NOT Alt+F4, closing console, etc.) Doing otherwise can cause issues. This is a problem with vanilla Valheim.
* The player who arrives in an area first is responsible for lag there. Ideally, the people with the best internet should be ahead of the pack or first through a portal, at least until Better Networking 3.0.
* Valheim multiplayer performance appears to better with crossplay disabled.

Keep in mind

* Compression only works between computers with Better Networking.
* Incompatible with other networking mods.
* Dedicated servers will not apply changes until restarted.
* Does not fix the lag that happens whenever the world saves.


* crossplay enabled: improves compression speed (55x faster) and compression ratio
* crossplay disabled: adds network compression
* new connection buffer (AKA "ZDO buffer", prevents data loss)
* change outgoing queue size
* change outgoing update rate
* change min/max send rates in Steamworks (AKA crossplay disabled)
* dedicated servers: ability to enable/disable crossplay through Better Networking
* compatible with Linux
* compatible with players not running the mod

Better Networking links

* Please provide feedback!
* Please examine my code!
* Please report bugs!
* Please endorse on Nexus Mods!
* Please endorse on ThunderStore!

Educational links

* Technical explanation of Valheim's networking by u/SleepMyLittleOnes
* Technical information and discussions on desync/lag in Valheim on the blog of James A. Chambers

Thank you

* Joshua Woods (Cheb) for contributing code (Check out ChebsNecromancy!)
* William Seligmann (jsza) for contributing code
* nightshade221 (Max) for being a patron and providing a community!
* Frostsorrow for QA and community assistance!
* Tquilarius for being a patron!
* QA: Tatsuya009, Alexander3054, Dskaggsgv, vi0lation, Ersan191, WhiteDingoX5, xdhara, ImpulsiveMind, nevcairiel -- thank you all for valuable feedback!
* Oleg Stepanischev for ZstdSharp
* Smoothbrain for Network

If you've benefited from this mod and want to see more features implemented, please endorse it! Or if you're feeling particularly generous, donate here or on Patreon!