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About this mod

If you've been experiencing lag or desync when playing with your friends, this is the solution!

NOTE: Please back up your world before trying out this mod.

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NOTE: Back up your world before enabling this mod.

This mod greatly improves multiplayer performance. If you find this mod works as advertised, please endorse it!

For most people, the default settings should be fine.

Changing settings using the Configuration Manager (F1)
  1. If others experience lag/desync for things around you (but not your character), increase your queue size.
  2. If others experience lag/desync for both your character and things around you, decrease your update rate and/or queue size.
  3. If your internet is slower, reduce the send rates until they're below your upload speed.

Things to keep in mind
  • Compression only works between computers with Better Networking.
  • Incompatible with other networking mods, including VNO and NetworkFix.
  • Compression increases your CPU usage. This can become the new bottleneck in some cases. With this mod, Valheim can max out two cores, so with 4 cores, 50% CPU usage by Valheim is maxing it out.
  • Dedicated servers will not apply changes until restarted.

Finished features
  • optionally compress network data (improves performance for everyone; requires others to have mod)
  • sending queued packages all at once instead of one at a time (improves performance for everyone, especially if you have high ping; requires others to have mod)
  • option to reduce network update speed (for computers with slow/inconsistent upload speeds)
  • change min/max send rates (higher can be better with good internet)
  • change network queue size (Valheim better prioritizes data when queue size is lower, but sends less data overall)
  • increased networking buffer size (might help)

Planned features
  • optionally require players to have certain mods to join server
  • optionally notify players if they have an older version of a mod than others
  • allow admins to change dedicated server settings within their client without having to restart server
  • option to allow players to choose who the server is
  • better data prioritization
  • improved networking regarding terrain
  • make everything automatic (fewer options)

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Other networking mods

If you've benefited from this mod and want to see more features implemented, please endorse it! Or if you're feeling particularly generous, donate here or on Patreon!