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Changes food stats to what they were before H&H, and balances new H&H foods food to have similar stats. Configurable stats for all food

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Mod to revert the Hearth and Home Changes to food, also balances the new H&H food to have similar stats.


  • Food Stats Have Been Reverted to Pre-Hearth & Home Update.
All patched Hearth & Home foods values have been reverted back to their original stats.

  • Hearth & Home Foods Rebalanced.
With reverting the change to food stats, all the new food H&H added were completely useless, they would never be used, so I've rebalanced them to have similar stats so you can use a mix of both.

  • Turn off the new H&H Fork food icon.
If you don't like the new H&H update where they add fork icons to food, you can now turn them off in the config!

  • Customize Your Own Stats!
If you don't like the mods default values, customize your own stats! this mod has a config for every piece of food in the game, customize through the .json in your bepinex/configs folder.

  • Customizing.

You can use configuration manager mod to toggle the fork icon on food.
Save button which you can toggle that applies changes in the .Json while in-game.

Json configuration available in a new json file called "Huntard.OldFoodStats.json" in your "BepInEx/config" folder.

Example Config for SerpentStew.
  "FoodPrefabName" : "SerpentStew",
  "Health": 80,
  "Stamina"  : 80,
  "Duration" : 2400,
  "HealthRegen" : 4

Json configuration available in a new json file called "Huntard.OldFoodStatsCustom.json" in your "BepInEx/config" folder, which can be used to customize other mods foods values

Example Config for rk_bacon.
  "FoodPrefabName" : "rk_bacon",
  "Health": 50,
  "Stamina"  : 50,
  "Duration" : 2400,
  "HealthRegen" : 4


Big thanks
to mlimg and his mod Valheim No Food Timer Text (H n H) for giving me permission to use his code to remove the fork icon from food.

  1. Make sure you have installed all other requirement mods.
  2. Drag the .dll into your \Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder.


If you like what I do and want to support me.


Feel free to submit bug reports or pull requests here.

Default values of this mod.

Edited using the mods config.