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About this mod

World saves containing this huge gothic castle built along the mountain. It's actually playable at 15k instances and could take additional decorating if you can afford it.

Permissions and credits
What is it
Frostguard Castle
our opus magnum. Together with Inaheim and Nautilous helping me as apprentices we spent 6 weeks to build and polish the castle for server artisans' building competition. Everything was done in creative mode and I can't imagine how long it would take otherwise. It ended up on the 2nd place, but nonetheless we are happy with how this came out and how we enjoyed the time making it! All mods are optional and it's still vanilla-friendly.


How to find it
Castle is located north-west on deep north biome. You can access it right from the spawn with a portal. Nearly everything you can see on pictures is accessible. You can go anywhere top to bottom. We made some additional connectors to avoid it being simple A to Z walk.

Buildshare and vbuild
I didn't want to make you try to place it from a vbuild I make to avoid potential issues due to its size and how each of you would want to place it. You can try to make a vbuild by yourself and transfer to your world, change it, rebuild and decorate stuff etc. If you do, please send me a picutre here.

Structural integrity
We used a mod allowing us to build everything at 10*30 HP and that's how it all holds together.
DO NOT TURN ON ANY WARD IN THE CASTLE IF YOU DON'T USE ANY MOD TURNING OFF OR DEFYING STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY or it will all just break. Any wards I placed can be removed for example with Generic Object Remover.

Recommended mods
None of these mods is required to enjoy the castle. Just don't turn on any wards and replace lanterns with sconces/custom stuff :)
Candles Lanterns and Beeswax - for extra light source options
Get Off My Lawn - necessary to use wards on it and defy vanilla structural integrity
Colorful Signs - to see what's written on those signs
ColorfulPieces - some build pieces were recolored to fit in the place better (like frozen waterfall, main room burning hammer)
ColorfulPortals - for seeing different portal colors which help you to remember where they lead

Other mods we used:
Item Stand All Items

Special thanks:
Vinrenu - our amazing camera operator!
Inaheim & Nautilous - great and creative people without whom I would never finished this
Kim Youngju for the projcet I found on pinterest. If you ever see this Kim, you're my idol and your art is incredibly amazing!