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Removes the puffs of smoke that emit from the contact point when you build something. ONLY WORKS ON BASE GAME BUILDINGS. HELP ME MAKE IT ALL BUILDINGS!!!

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I love answering questions, truly! So please ask away in the comments if you've got any issues or you just don't know how to shave properly and need a few hints...
Bob is here to help clear up that Fog!

I've received requests to "fix" the "Build-Fog" as I call it. My goal is to release a mod soon that will remove ALL the puffs of smoke that emit when you build something... And boy howdy is it difficult to find what's causing it! So for now here is a pack of a bunch of transparent images with the same name as each puff of smoke. So for now at least the base game's buildings wont cause those darn puffs of smoke anymore.

-Replaces all the base game building textures with transparent smaller textures to render them invisible

Compatibility Notes:
-No mod conflicts that I know of yet.

It's gonna have to be manual because that's how I do things right now... but it's easy trust me!

1) Install and/or update Valheim.

2) Download and/or update BepInEx.

3) Download and/or update CustomTextures.

4) Download this mod and place the "BepInEx" folder inside your Valheim directory. (usually in your steam folder something like "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Valheim/")

5) The optional files contain a few extra textures (red squares with markings) that are part of a set of mystery textures. I've determined the use for all but these among every texture I've decoded so far and boy is it bugging me that I can't find these last few in game.... can you?!?! IF YOU DO choose to help with this next step then download the optional file and place its' "BepInEx" folder in "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Valheim/"

Something Still Isn't Right?
-If you want to fix a texture problem for sure and in the most destructive way possible you can always delete your CustomTextures folder inside "Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/" and then redownload my mod and place the "BepInEx" folder inside your Valheim directory. (usually in your steam folder something like "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Valheim/")
-If you want to fix a texture problem more surgically, search your "SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/CustomTextures" folder for the name of whatever texture you aren't seeing the same as the pictures. Copy both and back them up in a temporary folder and then delete one and then the other each one at a time to determine which is the one that's changing things to be different from the pictures and delete that one.
-I am also more than happy to help troubleshoot in the comments or pm me.