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Emrik North and Aedenthorn and Cinnabunn

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Adds two new craftable backpacks to the game.

Permissions and credits

This mod introduces two backpack models (thanks to Cinnabunn!) to the game. You can open them with a hotkey (i  by default) and store items in them. It's an expansion on Aedenthorn's BackpackRedux mod, and it relies heavily on their precursor work.

Please note: This mod is no longer being maintained, and has known bugs (see the Bugs section, and the Issues on GitHub; many thanks to people who helped identify these), so use at your own risk. Do feel encouraged to fork the code on GitHub and upload your own version (remembering to credit the people mentioned below), and message me so I can link it from here. : )

Each backpack has its own separate inventory, and their inventories are preserved even when you toss your backpack to a friend.
 • Storing items in the backpack reduces their weight by 50% by default (configurable).
 • You can also configure how much they modify your carry capacity and movement speed.
 • Localization support. Please let me know if you want to add a translation for your language!
 • You cannot teleport with unteleportable items in the backpack.
 • Nor can you put a backpack inside a backpack in order to get around this limitation.

 • Should be installed on both server and on all clients. If the mod is on the server, it will disconnect clients without the mod.
 • All configs (except hotkey) are server-enforceable.

Feel free to show appreciation by supporting. :)

 • Cinnabunn (support) for their amazing art.
 • Aedenthorn (support).
 • Randy Knapp (support) for their Extended Item Data Framework. Also this fix.
 • paddywaan for fixing some of my code and adding a feature via PR.
 • Zarboz for guidance and help with the implementation.
 • The Jotunn Team for creating Jotunn: The Valheim Library.
 • MarcoPogo and Jules for helping me with some questions I had in the Jotunn Discord.

Most of this project is the result of the hard work of these awesome people!

Compatibility Notes
 • Compatible with Project Auga!
 • Minor compatibility issue with Backpack Redux.

Please let me know if you find any additional bugs, issues or incompatibilities.

How to Install

For a manual install, you want to drag the JotunnBackpacks folder into the BepInEx/Plugins folder. The JotunnBackpacks folder should contain JotunnBackpacks.dll and Translations. The configs can be adjusted in-game with a configuration manager.