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A simple mod that lets you adjust taming speed of tameable animals

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A simple mod that lets you adjust taming speed of tameable animals

This mod aims at users who just wants to tame animals a bit more faster than usual. Don't you just hate it when you're far away from the base and you encountered a 2 star tameable animal but it takes a long time to tame so you just sit down on your small base waiting for it to be tamed? With this mod, you can now adjust the taming speed so you have to wait less.

1. Download the mod
2. Extract AdjustTamingSpeed.dll file to BepInEx/plugins folder
3. Run the game

1. Delete AdjustTamingSpeed.dll from BepInEx/plugins

Editing config manually
1. After running the game at least once, go to BepInEx/configs folder
2. Open zukane2.AdjustTamingSpeed.cfg with notepad or any text editing tool
3. Input the taming speed that you want
4. Run the game

Editing config with Configuration Manager
1. Download Configuration Manager
2. Run the game
3. Press F1
4. Edit the value

Required Mods

Compatible mods that adds mobs

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