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Adds Bears!

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Branch 0.1.9 is currently in testing with Odin Plus Team! Getting bug reports and balance updates while I work on a few last touches and bug fixes. Please give them 1000x thanks. If anyones interested in testing theres a discord link here. Next official version will be 1.0.0 because this is a complete overhaul. Expect many new features, many less bugs, and for overall the bears to feel like a natural part of the game (besides the textures, fingers crossed we'll get to a vanilla textures option in the following updates). 
Upcoming Version 1.0.0 Plans:
- new types of Bears! - DONE

- custom icons & textures for all items! - DONE
- more config options! - Mostly done
- OVERHAULED movement! - DONE
- more items! - DONE
- better spawning! - DONE
- RIDEBALE bears! - Mostly done
- Server support!

Bears! 0.1.4 is the current public version
Works with current game version, but is considered deprecated as there will be no support this version

Version 1.0.0 will be official, supported, etc

- prefab names are "Bear" and "Bear_cub"

- can be tamed and have cubs (just like wolves)
- drop bear hides on death, which can be made into a bear rug
- currently drop boar meat
- occasionally drop wolf fangs for game progress incentive

- multiple attacks while on 2/4 legs
- custom sfx, ragdolls, vfx, etc
- simple spawning options built in with config (default biome is Mountains)

Thanks for the patience everyone!

*Seamlessly works with CLLC , Teleport Wolves , Drop That , Spawn That (just disable spawning in my cfg) and many many more mods!

Just drop the Bears folder or Bears.dll into \plugins 

Delete "Bears.dll" from BepInEx\plugins

Reach me on the Valheim Modding or Odin Plus discord @shadow84