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Experimental mod that allows players to play chess to the death in their browser.

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This mod adds a weapon (the slapping fish) that can be built with 1 wood at a basic workstation and allows players to replace pvp with a chess duel to the death in their browser. Time controls are currently 3|0. Both players must have pvp enabled. Chess is supported by a centralized server, so if it goes down the mod may stop working correctly. I'll smooth it out if that happens.

If you get stuck in duel mode, the default escape hotkey is "P". You will die and lose the chess game if you press it. I may be able to come up with a better solution, but it works for now.

I initially built this mod to experiment with enabling third party applications to interact with the game using websockets. I think there are more practical uses, but until then I've always been a fan of the "board/card game to the death" trope, so here it is for Valheim. I'll put some technical details below for those interested, and intend to release a full rundown video in the next few days.

At a high level, the mod uses a central express websocket server that I currently have running on a free Heroku instance, along with a Vue frontend on Netlify. If this mod gets enough interest to blow up the server, I'll migrate it somewhere with more resources. As I improve on the architecture, I also want to make it pretty easy to host other servers with any purpose in mind. The websocket messages being sent are extensible and do not only have to be focused around chess functionality. There is also no security in place at the moment, but I envision players being sent to the frontend first in the future to authenticate. For now, I'm going to close with a link the the code, and I'll wrap up with a video showing some more details shortly.