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About this mod

This is an expansive mod designed to provide the player with many more tools, armors, and materials.
WARNING: This mod is in Beta stages, and testing is being done constantly.
*ByGodAndGamecube is an alias of Mr-Rageous*

Permissions and credits
by Mr-Rageous

  - Welcome to ValheimExpanded, hitherto referred to as ValEx.
ValEx(v0.4.1)    - ValEx is designed as a core mod that will become a dependency for future ValExModules.
  - Currently this mod is in Beta; and will, at times, feature game-breaking issues. Use at your own risk.

Coming Soon:
  • Alchemy System (Runic) 
  • Plants
  • Foods
  • and more...!

Featuring the following:
Weapon Sets
  • Bone

  •  Bronze

  • Ancient

  • Iron

  • Abyssal

  • Silver

  • Heavymetal

  • Frometal

  • Flametal

Crafting Stations added:
  • Mint
  • Glasscutter

Building Pieces:
  • Glass

  • Iron

Extended Materials
  •  Coins

  • Ingots

  •  Scales

  • Essences

  •  Glass
  •  Sand

Storage Containers
  • Cargo Crate
  • Heavymetal Safe

All Armor textures are placeholder, also includes:
  • [Drakescale / Heavyscale / Forgedscale] armor sets.
  • Leather Scraps recipes, through workbench.
  • Flint recipes, through stonecutter.

Update Log
Core Update 0.4.1
- Material reskins for Frometal and Flametal, affects "1Core.dll" and "3Weapons.dll"
Armors Update 0.4.1
- Fixed some errors in definitions with recipes and item fields.
Weapons Update 0.4.1
- Balanced the upgrade costs more. Some finesse with the crossbow animations.
Fauna Update 0.4.1
- Added Polar Lox and 5 variants, which wont show up without Spawn_That or something similar.

Installation (manual)
If you are installing this manually, do the following
1. Extract the archive into a folder. **Do not extract into the game folder.**
2. Move the `plugins` folder into `<YourGameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins`.
3. Run the game.