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About this mod

This is an expansive mod designed to provide the player with many more tools, armors, and materials.
WARNING: This mod is in Beta stages, and testing is being done constantly.
*ByGodAndGamecube is an alias of Mr-Rageous*

Permissions and credits

by Mr-Rageous

  - Welcome to ValheimExpanded, hitherto referred to as ValEx.
ValEx(v0.6.1)    - ValEx is designed as a core mod that is a dependency for all ValExModules.
  - Currently this mod is in Beta; and will, at times, feature game-breaking issues. Use at your own risk.

Coming Soon:
  • Plants and Medicines
  • Foods and Alchemizing
  • and perhaps more...!

Featuring the following:
Weapon and Armor Sets
- Weapon and Armor Sets have been overhauled, and generate as all other
  ValheimExpanded items do, with recipes removed to any content with
  matching names to those generated. Characters importing items should
  not lose them. Additionally, all item statistics are attached to their
  own Configuration files, allowing the user to modify their own values,
  for now. These properties are Admin-Only for servers which run it, so
  player's are restricted to the server's relevant item values. Therefore,
  the following item sets have been *added*, despite sharing Vanilla names.
 Wood - Stone - Flint - Bone - Primal - Bronze - Abyssal - Iron - Ancient -
  Silver - Fang - Blackmetal - Needle - Titanium - Steel - Fromyr - Flamyr
 - Currently, these sets are self-scaled by the user, after Configuration
   files are generated, however there are procedurally generated defaults.
- Crystal set is still in the works...
- Damage scaling algorithms are finished, but not complete.

Building Pieces:
  • Glass (expanded for H&H update)

Extended Materials
  • Coins
  • Ingots
  • Scales
  • Essences
  • Glass & Sand 
  • Gear-Parts
  • - Each material now has associated Gear-Parts.  These allow Armaments to assign more than the standard four recipe materials per item.

Update Log
Update 0.6.1
- Textures have been updated. Glass now craft-able from Stonecutter again.

Installation (manual)
If you are installing this manually, do the following
1. Extract the archive into a folder. **Do not extract into the game folder.**
2. Move the `plugins` folder into `<YourGameDirectory>\Bepinex\plugins`.
3. Run the game as many times as required to generate configuration files..

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