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Allows you to build your own ship.

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This mod allows you to create your own ship! As you may see by the name it is very much inspired by the game Raft!

It adds a new raft that has construction tiles where you can attach as much as you want to it! (or well until unity will decide to quit).
Other new pieces including Sails from the three ships in game (raft, karve, longship) and climbable ladders are also added as placeable objects that interact with the raft!

If you're having issues with the waves making it hard to snap pieces, you can go into a creative build mode by:
Getting on top of the raft and typing in RaftCreative in the console will raise the raft out of the sea, allowing for more comfortable building. Repeating these steps will lower the raft back into the water.

Anchor your raft with shift to lower and spacebar to raise.

Experimental flying boats/airships through config change.

New in 1.3:
  • Compatibility with H&H.
  • Snapping greatly improved to always follow orientation of the raft.
  • Anchor has been added to rafts.
  • Fix for previous issue of rafts losing build pieces in multiplayer environments. (not extensively tested)
  • Added config options for toggling rains damage of raft pieces (off by default) and flying capabilities.

Known issues:
  • No indicator for if the anchor is lowered or raised is present. Though when it is down, you can’t change direction forwards/backwards, so that will tell you if the anchor is down or up.
  • When multiple vikings take turns steering the raft, the anchor can get stuck. Solution is for anyone who has steered to walk off the raft and board it again.
  • Direction while flying is completely reliant on the wind.

How do I enable console to use RaftCreative command?
You have to add "-console" to your Valheim launch options (for help, see Steam FAQ) then press F5 while ingame.

How do I get my raft down into the water again?
Get on top of the raft and type in RaftCreative in the console to end creative mode.

I placed my bed in a ship and my spawn point keeps resetting. Halp!
In Valheim, when the bed that is your spawn point moves a certain distance, your spawn point will be reset back to start.

I took a portal away from the boat, and when I took the same portal back I ended up in the ocean! Why is that?
Due to the way the game is designed, portals don't calculate the location of their twin at the exact time the player would arrive, but instead remember the location for a while, so teleporting to and from a ship that is moving or has been moved can mean you end up in the ocean sometimes. Destroying and replacing one of the portal twins before porting back to the boat resolves this issue completely, and it's also not an issue while the ship is fixed at a location.