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Supports Multiplayer & Single Player Local Games! | 25+ different options | Spawn items, teleport to players, fly, and more without cheats/admin!

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Valheim Quality of Life | 25+ Options
The best real-time game enhancement mod and quality of life tool

Warning I ask that you don't use this mod to be abusive in other peoples servers. You will be able to access all tools, all areas of the map, and even more that may mess with others gameplay. Do not use this maliciously, it's a utility for building/getting out of sticky situations/playing an enhanced game, not a trainer.

Whats new In 1.3.1?
  • Added new "Give Rested" option to give yourself 1 hour of Rested buff.
  • Fixed food degrading twice as fast.

Whats new In 1.2.0?
  • Added new "Death Menu" with options to prevent losing your items, food buffs, status effects and skill loss

Whats new In 1.1.9?
  • Improved menu so it only displays 1 menu at a time (besides the main menu)
  • Added new "Build Everywhere" option to the Player menu (allows building everywhere (except inside Wards) and on top of "unsupported surfaces")
  • Added new "Ship Menu" with options to set the wind to always be in your back while sailing and increase the speed of ships you're steering
  • Added new "Guardian Menu" that allows you to active any Guardian Power at any time you want
  • Removed some redundant data from the code

Whats new In 1.1.6?
  • Food degradation has been fixed
  • Food timeout can now be disabled
  • Skill levels can be adjusted to whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Hotkeys are no longer activated while using chat, inventory etc

Whats New In 1.1.1?
  • New Menu UI! Section based UI for easier navigation
  • Player, Spawn, Entity, and Misc menus!
  • No more cursor breaking
  • Fly Toggles w/o Debug Mode
  • No Clip Mode
  • New Enemy/Tamed Spawn Menu w/ Level Selection
  • New Misc. Buttons
  • Better Change Name Support

Features (* = Can Toggle w/ Hotkey)

  • Works on local/dedicated servers and local games.
  • Supports custom hotkeys and the availability to toggle features with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Enable God Mode *
  • Enable Debug Mode *
  • Enable Freecam Mode *
  • Enable Noclip Mode *
  • Enable Fly Mode *
  • Enable Unlimited Stamina *
  • No Food Degradation
  • No Food Timeout
  • No Carry Limit
  • Quick Heal *
  • Modify Skill levels on the fly
  • Spawn any item by name
  • Quick Spawn Materials
  • Spawn Tamed Boars/Wolf/Lox
  • Teleport to any player on server
  • Change your player name (Color Support)
  • Explore Map Automatically
  • Spawn Leveled Mobs/Tamed Animals

How To Install
  1. First download BepInEx and extract the contents of BepInExForValheim\ to the Root folder of Valheim. Should be somwhere like steamapps\common\Valheim\
  2. Download the BepInEx Configuration Manager Plugin and extract the ConfigurationManager.dll/.xml files to your BepInEx\plugins directory.
  3. Download the Valheim Quality of Life mod from here.
  4. Extract the ValheimQualityofLife.dll to your BepInEx\plugins directory
  5. Open the game once with the plugin loaded to generate a configuration file!

How to Use In Game
  1. Load into a map. This can be a local or dedicated server, or a local singleplayer world.
  2. Press F3 by default to open the main mod menu.
  3. Press F1 to open the BepInEx confguration manager screen.

Do I have to install this on a server instance?
No this mod runs locally and will work on servers no matter what.

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