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A Reshade preset providing richer details and greater vibrancy, resulting in a much greater visual look for your islands.

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I've always loved the Tropico Series, and 5 was no different. Unfortunately I always found the graphics a bit... lacking, even at higher settings. It's serviceable, don't get me wrong, but the colours never seemed right to me, especially up-close. No one else had developed a Reshade or SweetFX setting for this game, so I took it upon myself to do so. One of my first settings, so please feel free to leave feedback.

It should sharpen textures, decrease brightness marginally, and increase contrast, also converting it to look like it is in a DPX format, making it look like it's in a higher definition. All of the settings are unlocked, obviously, so you can edit them to your heart's desire if my settings aren't quite what you are looking for. If you have any questions on what the settings do, or just wish for me to release an update to this preset, ask away! Feel free to reupload anywhere else if you leave a comment here informing me of such. Also feel free to upload an edited version of this if you make one, but please message it to me so I can see what you've done, I would love to see it.

To install, just put it in your main game folder. For me, this is F:/Steam/steamlibrary/Tropico 5.

Performance should be impacted, as some of these are heavy effects. It shouldn't be that big of a difference, maybe a few frames a second, but if your computer has difficulty playing the game already, you may run into more trouble. It should also have a much greater impact on larger islands with more citizens and buildings, so be aware. The game's performance already gets worse in such situations, and this will compound that issue. Again, shouldn't be a huge difference, but you should keep it in mind.

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