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Tomb Raider - Survivor Is Born edition is my fan made attempt at porting over Lara Croft's appearance from Rise and Shadow of the Tomb Raider over to Tomb Raider 2013 for lore consistency.

I may or may not use this as a base to port NPCs upgraded in the last gen Definitive Edition remaster and just generally upgrade low detailed objects.

Permissions and credits

The mod brings over Lara Croft's appearance from Rise and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, that was based on the voice and mo-cap actress' appearance as well.

Comes integrated over the original game model. The new model is a downgraded version of the high-poly ROTR head model, from which I was able to port its details, so that the low-poly version doesn't look worse. The only real downgrade is the fact that the animation and overall graphical quality of the game is worse than it is in the two later games, even if the model itself is the same, due to the fact that the game was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3 originally. I built some of the textures over the Definitive Edition textures. I also used my Rise A.I upscaled textures to ensure the least amount of quality drop when I had to inevitably compress the textures again.

The mod works with both the base game and 3 DLC outfits (Hunter, Aviatrix, Guerilla). I've tried my best imitating the original effects of the original textures so that there's almost next to no difference with the general quality.

I was thinking about using this mod as a base to port models upgraded in the Definitive Edition if I ever get access to more of those and just generally upgrading objects and textures that look low poly. I may port similar models and/or textures from Rise of the Tomb Raider as well if they fit the aesthetics of the game. If animations can ever be properly adjusted in this game, I may include them as well.

1. Backup the original patch000.tiger archive. Make a new folder, call that for example "backup" and copy-paste the archive there.
2. Download the modded archive and replace the original with the mod
3. You're good to go

How to get the Geothermal Caverns section working properly:
For some reason the game doesn't use the textures from patch.000.tiger for the Geothermal Caverns section, which means the custom model appears with incorrect default textures. To fix this, I figured the best way is to install Special K and inject the custom textures, since I don't know jack about coding nor modifying the existing mod tools and just want to get the model looking the best it can.

I will edit this out once and if I'm able to properly get these specific textures working the same way as the rest.

1. Install Special K. You can get it from their website here:

2. The app will automatically search for your games in your disk(s). Select Tomb Raider (2013) and launch the game with Special K through the launcher. You will know it works when a new UI overlay appears.

3. After you have confirmed that the injector works, quit the game, then go to its file path. You can go there by right-clicking the Special K executable shortcut.

4. Go to Special K\Profiles\Tomb Raider\SK_Res\inject\textures. Download the custom textures I've linked that are missing from rest of the mod files and paste them there. Go Special K\Profiles\Tomb Raider and open up SpecialK.ini. Make sure there are these lines: "inject=true" and "AllowUnsafeRefCounting=false" (Note that I got these from this tutorial).

5. Open up the game and once you make it to the Geothermal Caverns section, the game has the correct textures on the custom model. If you don't care about Special K otherwise, you don't have to do anything else with it.

Model works with the latest version of Tomb Raider 2013 as of 9th of September 2023. No need to downgrade to any other versions.

- Me, myself and I for conversion, porting and testing
- aman11 for the Tomb Raider 2013 Blender modding tools and tutorial
alanm for seam fix patch of the Blender modding tools
- Any other parties responsible for rest of the game's modding tools
- Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal for the source Rise/Shadow of the Tomb Raider assets
- Nicotsu from DeviantArt for Definitive Edition assets

- Skeleton is slightly incompatible with the head model, which results the lips overstretching in some cutscenes. This is due to the fact that the head bones are off-centered to the head model, since I had to move the head according to how the eyes were placed. If I moved the head according to everything but the eyes, the eyes would glitch out of the head. This seems to be correctable at least judging by GhostBlade's Definitive Edition mod, which has the eye bones in a different set of coordinates than what is in vanilla version, but at the moment I don't know how to adjust the skeleton. Also, the eyes aren't, as a result of this predicament, not in their correct location as they're in ROTR/SOTR and are too much inside the head. However, I suppose they look okay for the time being, but I'll be fixing this as well when it is possible.

- Model has visible seams thanks to the fact that the head is split into multiple pieces, Blender's custom normals don't get exported into the game and I don't know at the moment how to make them look smooth, since that information isn't available anywhere. will resolve this as soon as I know how. Fixed in version 2.0.

- Hunter DLC outfit has a weird empty line going across the top of the head. This is the only model where this happens. I'm not sure why it does it, but the DLC outfits were a bit glitchy to work with either way, though I managed to circumvent through those issues. But this might be related to it.

- 3 DLC outfits are unchangeable unfortunately. I think this is because the author of the DRM archive unpacker never updated the tool for those DLCs, so they're unmoddable.

- Jacket texture of the cinematic Aviatrix outfix remains unchanged, as for some reason the modding tool is unable to change it

- Eyelashes' texture is a reused TR9 asses, since the mod tool likes to insert my imported ROTR assets to any object in the game that uses shared assets, such as character models, which causes some weird effects with incompatible models of those NPCs. I'll be fixing this once I figure out how to import those textures for only Lara's models.

- All of the faces that surround the seam at the back of the head, which splits off the UV island of the model, have broken UV maps. Same case with the eyelids that separate the inner eye areas. They're completely fine in Blender, but the export process breaks them for some reason. They're also broken at least in the mouth object, but you can't even see the issue in normal gameplay.

- The custom textures that appear at the beginning of the Geothermal Caverns section aren't working. I've replaced supposedly the correct textures within the archive "lara_fullblood.drm" within patch000, but the game regardless uses some other textures from some place else i don't know if the game is pulling them from some other .tiger archive. For now, this is correctable with Special K