Tomb Raider (2013)

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Hi from Malaysia! I'd like to share a simple reshade preset. It's just a very old game. No need horny mode okay.

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The new reshade may be confusing as there are many effects to choose from. You can just choose all of the effects or you may want to use older versions (around 3.4.1) from here:

Reshade Repository

Then run the new version to update after installation.

I think for the newer reshade installer you can just run it next until finish and the shaders will all be there.

1) Download preset and unzip to the same place as to where your ***.exe is.
2) Download reshade from
3) Run setup tool > Follow instructions > Close setup tool > Start game > Press Home or Shift+F2 (older version) > Select VStormV preset > Profit

[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],BloomAndLensFl[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

Don't forget to set performance mode on once you're done.

This preset was meant to run on on the default in-game gamma and Nvidia's 50% vibrance setting. It might differ for your monitor. You can set the reshade's vibrance colours to your liking or disable it if it is too vibrant for your display. Or add Levels.fx to balance the white and black. You can disable HDR if you think it's too dark and scary. Make sure there are no duplicate fx/shaders/techniques running at the same time.

For dark display issue in Windows 10, adjust your gamma, type "Colour Management" under search taskbar and follow the guide here.

Do share your screenshots and videos!! ^__^ 

My Tweaks
Disable exe's Full Screen Optimizations.
Native 1080p set to 1440p DLDSR.
Use IPS monitor instead of TN. Wider colour gamut.
Enable Vsync, Triple Buffering, Thread Optimization, Low latency in Nvidia's panel instead of in game.
Set game settings at normal.
Maybe disable TressFX for Nvidia GPUs. Mine was howling like mad.
UI and MultiCore fix

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Thanks to the Reshade devs, game devs, modders and nexus team for making this game awesome!!