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Mod that brings Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition changes from the PS4 to PC, focusing on the new Lara character models

Permissions and credits
This mod was made by Gh0stBlade, I'm just posting here with his permission!

In Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Lara’s face have been remodelled, and given a wider array of animation and expressions helping to convey a
greater sense of ‘realism’ of the character. These additions for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One aren’t present in the PC version. If you pay closer attention to Lara’s eyes, you’ll notice them widen with fear, or show confusion if she comes up against a puzzle, or portray the effort she’s putting into lifting herself up on a platform. That’s not to say that the PC’s Tomb Raider is lifeless, but it certainly is missing a portion of realism from the next generation consoles.

This mod seeks to fix this by applying the same Lara models to the PC version. A handful of other changes were made in the Definitive Edition, but this mod don't change that, mostly because modding tools are next to non-existent, therefore very hard to make.

Fixed Bugs:

  • v1_lara bad watch face texture.
  • Bug where conversion tool would select incorrect bone to weight Lara's eyes to during weight transfer. Transfer is now 1:1
  • Conversion tool has minor bug which results in one vertex not being weighted to the correct bone.
  • Fixed bug in conversion tool related to vertex layouts.
  • cine_v5_lara's bad eye lid texture now solved.
  • Lara's meshes now how tessellation vertex attributed nulled (Definitive Edition Lara model does not have tessellation applied).
  • Fixed bug where v2_lara's pistol hostler would be invisible during certain parts of the game.
  • Fixed bug where v5_lara's standard hair meshes were incorrectly textured/rendered outside of Tress FX mode.
  • Fixed bug where v4_lara wasn't correctly injecting into the Bigfile.
  • Fixed bug where v5_lara's skeleton wasn't updated resulting in rare animation bugs.
  • Fixed bug where the material for v2_lara/cine_v2_lara's watch was incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where the material for v2_lara bandage was incorrect.
  • Fixed bug where v4_lara's hand had the wrong texture applied.
  • Fixed bugs where the bones around Lara's eyes weren't correctly updated resulting in severe derpy eye bugs

Won't fix:

  • Lara's standard hair materials are incorrectly lit. (Improved but not 100% perfect.)
  • cine_v1_lara will not be Lara's Definitive Edition Model. This is due to a bug with the bigfile inject tools where injecting files into
    title.000.tiger isn't supported resulting in a crash.
  • Only Lara's original outfit will be brought over, this is due to a bug with the bigfile inject tools where injecting files into DLC tiger
    archives isn't supported resulting in a crash.
  • v4_lara incorrect bandage texture. (Removed, also not in Definitive Edition because the texture simply doesn't exist or the UVs weren't
    updated by the artists).

Which files do I Install?:


[PC] Tomb Raider Definitive Lara (Movies): It contains the pre-rendered cutscenes with the new model. Otherwise, all cutscenes would have the older model instead.


[PC] Tomb Raider Definitive Lara (Console TressFX): New models but with the console TressFX. TressFX on consoles isn't the same as PC, it moves more, but it has slightly lower quality and lessens the FPS hit.

[PC] Tomb Raider Definitive Lara (PC TressFX): New models but with the vanilla PC TressFX. More static, but higher quality. It eats a little more FPS than the console version

Install Instructions:

To install, extract both the files to your Tomb Raider folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tomb Raider\)

Known Bugs:

In some very few cutscenes, a shadow might be attached to Laura's cheek. It goes away rapidly, so it's not game breaking.

When reverting to the Vanilla skin, the problem go way (you can notice the difference between the character models :D )

Original Thread:

The original thread was posted on Tomb Raider Forums, check it out: