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This package includes everything you need to play Tomb Raider 1 on modern PCs with Windows OS.
1 HighRes Textures package, an Autohotkey script for Mouse control, and the LINK to TombATI fix for High Resolution.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 1.1: Egyptian levels (level8 A,b and c), as well as the DLC Egyptian ones (Egypt and Cat) have been redone with a mix of textures from John Capon, Silverlock, and mine to correct transition tiles, and special effects. Other levels will be updated later on.

Hi Tomb Raider Lovers.

This package is for those that bought Tomb Raider 1 on GOG or Steam.
It uses the patch TombATI to allow playing the Game on modern Windows with borderless window mode.
This means no crashes when alt-tabbing, and no resolution issues that DosBox has.

This package requires the latest TombAti installer, you can get the original from
I do not add it here, because it is an .exe file, and it should be retrieved from the original source.

I include one zip file with complete High Resolution textures, built from the work of
John Capon (most of the textures) and Antonijadis (Lara's Home).
I added some extras, specially to the unfinished business DLC textures to make them match.
It's a zip file, so you can just unpack it and place the folder with name "Tr1HD" into the Tomb Raider 1 game folder.
TombATI will look for that folder automatically to use High Res textures.

I advise you to jump to site if you want to try other High Resolution textures.

To play the game, run the file "tombati.exe" in the game root folder.
To play the unfinished business DLC, run the file "tombub.exe" in the root folder.

The other zip file included, is the Autohotkey script.
You'll need to install Autohotkey for it to work:

Unpack the zip anywhere and run "mouse_tombraider1.ahk".

    When you run the script, it'll automatically look for the active window, and will ONLY react upon it, so you can safely Alt+Tab to other windows.
    The script has many tweaks to keys. To work properly, you need to change your user defined keys in the game menu.
    It is currently designed like this:
    Original game keys
    UP            - Run
    Down        - Back
    Left        - Turn Left
    Right        - Turn Right
    Del            - Step Left
    PgDown        - Step Right
    Shift        - Walk
    Alt            - Jump
    Ctrl        - Action
    Space        - Draw Weapon
    Pad0        - Look
    End            - Roll
    Esc            - Inventory
    User keys (You need to change them into this config!!)
    W            - Run
    S            - Back
    A            - Turn Left
    D            - Turn Right
    Q            - Step Left
    E            - Step Right
    Shift        - Walk
    C            - Jump
    X            - Action
    F            - Draw Weapon
    Pad0        - Look
    Tab            - Roll
    I            - Inventory
    How the script works
    When the 4th mouse button (for mouses with more than 3 buttons) is pressed, it fakes input of Pad0, and records mouse movement as input to WASD keys.
    Left Mouse Button will input X key (action). Right Mouse Button will input C key (Jump).
    Middle Mouse BUtton will input F key (Draw weapon).
    Mouse movement will only be active when the "Look" key is pressed, as not to mess with precise movements.
    If you want to change keyboard configurations, change the file "mouse_tombraider1_hotkeys.txt"
    Feel free to post any issues or doubts about the script.
    Have fun!