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About this mod

This mod adds a "Death Note" to the game which functions the way you would expect

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This mod adds a "Death Note" to the game which allows the holder to kill any sim through any method

How to use:
Step 1 - Purchase the book from any bookshelf in your household
Step 2 - Put the book in the sim's Inventory
Step 3 - Click a sim and look for the "Death Note" category (NOTE: This will only show up on sims you have met, If it still isn't showing, be sure to have installed XmlInjector)
Step 4 - Success!!!

Current killing methods:
- Exhaustion
- Fire
- Natural
- Electrocution
- Lightning
- Freeze
- Drown
- Anger
- Embarrassment
- Hunger
- Overload
- Laughter
- Overheat
- Scorched
- Netherworld

Planned Updates:
- More killing methods

Possible Updates:
- Custom Animation when killing a sim

Make sure to install XMLInjector for the mod to function correctly!