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Edits the number of skills you add to in character creator and the number of points for each skill.

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The mod works by editing 2 values - number of skill areas and number of points for each area. I've made a variety of combos, packed into zip files to clean up the files page. Please only use one at a time from any zip, read the files page to see what is in each. I can make others, feel free to suggest in the comments-

  • 3 skills/5 skills/7 skills - 3 skills get 40 points, 5 skills get 100 points, etc
  • Minus points - 5 skills minus 75 points, 7 skills minus 50 points etc
  • 0 skills 0 points
  • 150 points for 7 skills ** causes bugs with repair, lockpicking, and hacking
  • 9999 points for 7 skills **causes bugs with repair, lockpicking, and hacking

Important notes - This works post character creation but only for the skill areas you originally selected. So if you put this mod in, load an old save, your character's stats will be changed depending on what you installed. For example, I just put in the 9999 points file and loaded an old save. The stats I selected now have over 10000 points. Only two skills since that save had the normal number of skills upgraded at start.

So, if you want minus 20 points on all 7 skill sets, you must start a new character. If you want to take a save you're already into and make the two skills have more or less points, load the save with this mod on.

Once your skill has 150 points you can't level it up. So you'll still gain levels and get perks but the points will sit there, I don't know how to make it go away or if it's possible to make the game accept more points at level up. I only played each of these for about 10 minutes so tell me if you use it and anything weird happens.

150 points and 9999 points cause bugs with repair, lockpicking, and hacking. I recommend not using them but I'll keep them on the page, just know you will have bugs with those skills.

The minus points takes your stats to 0. See screenshots for what I mean. Gave myself a concussion and the negative shows up in the menu but the stats are still 0, not less. Leveling up works so you will add points and get out of the negative.

Pick one version at a time, place the pak file in your Paks folder.

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