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Developer Console Unlocker DLL for Steam version of The Outer Worlds, use with SunBeam's .dll injector.

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The usual .dll file (by SunBeam) that is used to enable the developer console was meant for the Epic Games version of the game's executable, this is a modified version of SunBeam's unlocker .dll file made compatible for the Steam version of The Outer Worlds.

Just follow the "SunBeam's The Outer Worlds Unlocker" section of stoker25's Dev-Console Unlock Guide here in NexusMods.
found here:

Now, instead of injecting the normal .dll from SunBeam, just use this one instead.

Your IGCSInjector.ini file (found in SunBeam's .zip) should look like this, for it to work on the Steam version of The Outer Worlds:
Dll=The Outer Worlds Steam.dll

Just make sure these 2 names match with your game executable and the dll file downloaded here.

And that should be it, any problems will likely be caused by not correctly following the guide I referenced above.

How it works
I basically figured that the game's executable name would be hardcoded into the .dll file, so I loaded it up into a Hex editor and changed the corresponding String, while keeping the rest of the addresses intact by filling part of the string with empty/null characters (0x00).