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Reshaded Worlds is a reshade preset to make The Outer Worlds more colorful, vibrant and immersive world of sci-fi fantasy.

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Reshaded Worlds is a Reshade prest which aims to do a few things:

- get rid of the yellowish tinit in game.
- improve the overall color palette to a more sci-fi fantasy feel.
- enhance colors, vibrance, color balance, shadows and lighting effects.
- make the game feel crisper and sharper without over-sharpening

NOTE: I forgot to add the Reshade ON/OFF tag to pictures. It goes in odd numbers as in the first picture of every image is Reshade OFF while the second picture of the same image is RESHADE ON.


1. Download latest version of Reshade in your game exe folder which is TheOuterWorlds\Indiana\Binaries\Win64.
2. When you run Reshade setup choose the DirectX 10/11/12 option and hit the big Install button.
3. When prompted to download shaders, download them all.
4. When done with Reshade installation, go to your game exe location folder and change the dxgi.dll file downloaded by Reshade to d3d11.dll
5. Download my Reshade preset and paste it into the above location where you installed Reshade.
6. Recommend using Nvidia Sharpening between 0.30 to 0.50 from Nvidia Control Pnael if playing at 1080p
7. Optional but Highly Recommended is the Neutral LUT
8. Another Optional mod you may use to get the ray tracing effect is Marty McFly's RTGlobalIllumination shader from his Discord Server by joining his Patreon.