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A modified save game with drastically increased difficulty.

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First off:
This isn't for everyone, and it shouldn't be. This is specifically for those who felt that The Outer Worlds was too simple and effortless and want some more roadblocks that force you into thinking things though, finding loopholes, and mastering the games mechanics.

What this is:
This is a modified Supernova save game, right at the very beginning, with a character who has had every Attribute edited to the minimum, and ever skill set to 5. This is intended to up the challenge and thoughts required within the game without increasing frustration.

Major Changes:
-Health doesn't regen.
This means that, if you don't play smart, you'll be burning through Adreno like crazy, meaning you'll need to find shops and the like to restock, meaning you'll have less Bits more often, meaning Bits are more precious and modding/tinkering your equipment is much more important. You'll die a lot more often. Practice dodging and blocking.

-Reloading is slower.
Changing a clip out in the open is basically suicide. Keep an eye on your ammo and take cover to reload.

-Equipment degrades faster.
I never repaired anything during my first play through. Not once. I just got new equipment and didn't care about stats. With your stats being so low, that lvl1 Marauder helmet with +5 to Lockpicking becomes invaluable and you bet your bum you'll be repairing it as soon as you can. It's no longer just a question of "What has the highest defense?" Both you and your companions will need gear catered to each situation to make sure you can pass those skill checks.

-Companions become invaluable.
You'll need them for the Stat boosts, carry weight, and DPS. But you'll need to balance taking them with you and leaving them behind, because if they die, that's it. You'll also want to finish their companion quests because the Perks they gain are incredibly helpful when your attributes/skills are so low.

-Fall damage matters.
It's no longer a small ouchie that heals in a few seconds. Because health no longer regens, if you fall too many times without stopping to heal, you'll die. Think twice before you hop off that ledge.

-Your overall skills will be lower.
You have to be much more intentional and thoughtful with how you spend skill points. You'll really need to specialize in a build that fits your play style.

-Flaws matter much more.
Any flaw that lowers your attributes now, technically, has no negative side effect, as the attributes are already as low as the can go, meaning you can take up to 5 of the phobia Flaws and essentially get 5 free perks, which goes a long way when playing with so many handicaps.

Want to pick that lock? Better bring Parvati, wear the right gear, and pop some items to buff your lockpick skill.
You want your armor to not degrade so quickly? Better take the Perks for that and find/make a Pristine version!
Want your head shots/criticals to count for more damage? You'll need to spec into it!
Need more carry weight? Spend the perk points or risk loosing your companions by bringing them along for the carry weight bonus!

Choices matter now.

"Will having such low attributes hinder my dialogue options?"
Not really? At least no more often then a usual playthrough. The Intelligent checks seem to be replaced by [Dumb] options now wherein you can still get similar outcomes so long as your Skills are up to snuff. EX: Formerly [Intelligence][Engineering] options are replaced with [Dumb][Engineering] if you have engineering 10+ and so on. Skills matter more often than Attributes, it seems.

"Doesn't this break combat and make the game unplayable?"
Nope! You'll just have to take your time and think things through. You'll need to master TTD and learn each enemy type's weaknesses (both elementally and where/when to hit them). You'll need to be tactical, use stealth, take advantage of explosive barrels/crates in the environment, find choke points, think about what, and who, you're taking into combat with you. Make wise decisions.

Going up against Automechanicals? Better take some shock weapons, wear gear that ups your Tech skills, and bring Parvati along just to be safe.
Primals? Long-ranged Plasma weapons, Nyoka, and aim for the chest.
Canids? Anti-corrosive gear, Vicar, and lots of items to buff your movement speed.
Shotguns can knock down almost anything if used cleverly. Keep one close by and use it to crowd control.

These changes force you to observe, think ahead, and plan. For me, that is exactly what this game was missing.

Name: Jai (based on Michael Jai White, plus it sounds "Spacey")
Background: Scientist assistant
If you don't like his face you can always just wear a helmet.

I may make a female version if this gets a high amount of traction.

1.) In-game, make a Quicksave (Press F5) (you'll be overwriting this, so it doesn't matter)
2.) Go to C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds\Quicksave00
3.) Extract the files Metadata.dat, SaveGame.dat, and SaveGameScreenshot.png from the archive and replace the equivalent files within the Quicksave00 folder

Load up the save and have at it! Good luck!

I would suggest using this with the Supernova Patch mod by expired6978 and keeping everything the same as the base game excluding the sleep limitations. In this mode, you'll want to be able to find a bed and heal up pretty often to save on Adreno and heal limbs/concussions. It creates a "Oh thank the Law!" moment whenever you stumble into a place to sleep out in the wild.

Future plans:
If tools are ever release, I plan to edit the global Attribute values to make this no longer dependent on a modified save game, thus allowing you to create your own character and, ideally, to make it so Attributes only influence dialogue options and no longer grant stat/skill/perk bonuses. Maybe I'll add a new difficulty with these changes added as a global toggle? Who knows.