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A collection of images scaled and sized for use in designing custom events.

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I have reshaped and edited to size a number of images to be used with Thea: The Awakening. These images range from Slavic creatures and deities including many not referenced or encountered in the game, locations, buildings and many more.

All images will be broken down into smaller packs that focus on specific things but there will be a larger all-in-one pack.

Slavic Creatures - 24 Images

Creatures, spirits and more all straight from Slavic mythology. Some use alternate translations such as the Vodyanoy which is called the Vodnik in game.

Deities - 11 Images.
New deities not mentioned in Thea and some images of existing deities too.

Animals - 17 Images.
Mainly wild animals such as wolves and boars but other animals too.

Orcs & Goblins - 19 Images.
A series of orcs and goblins including 2 village images.

Elves & Humans - 26 Images.
A variety of Elves and Humans including 2 Elven city images.

Enemies - 28 Images.
A variety of enemies you can find across Thea. Bandits, the Undead and more. Also are some images of different races facing off against each other and some people who didn't survive the world of Thea.

Locations - 63 Images.
A large amount of varying locations ranging from swamps, forests, lakes, caves, buildings and all the way to dragon skeletons.

Everything - 188 Images.
All the images here in one giant pack for you to download.

How to install these packs? Download the respective *.rar file then extracting it right into your Thea: The Awakening directory. After that simply start your game and open the editor. The images will be available to add to your own custom events.

I recommend not using all 188 images at once as while I'm unsure if it will happen with this many or not but if the game tried to load too many custom images you many not be able to load the default ones in the editor and some of the default images may not even load in the game.

Feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you have fun with the images.

Credit goes to the artists who produced all the artwork I found on google and used for the custom images (it's their work, not mine) and of course the greatest of credit goes to MuHa Games for making Thea: The Awakening in the first place.