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A collection of various character artworks added to the game to add more variety.

Permissions and credits
We have lots of wonderful character artwork but who doesn't want more right? so I've searched google for many more to add  to Thea 2.

None of the artwork was made by ourselves and thus we're not the owners or creators of any of them nor do we claim ownership over any of them.
I'd like to add that I've never done image editing like this before so if I've made any mistakes then I do apologize.

Elvasat, the creator of such mods as Wizards, Wands Are One Handed and more has joined this mod and will be providing artwork he has found for your playing/viewing pleasure. This was decided as multiple mods doing this won't be compatible without an additional mod to patch it. So working together to provide one mod will be better than multiple with patches.


Newest artworks added by Elvasat..

Newest artworks added by XenoReaver..
Demon Hellhounds, 4 other.
Night Demon Werewolves, 3 other.
Unliving Dragons, 2 other.
Unliving Spiders, 1 other.
Blue Dragons, 2 other.

What has been added
Added 425 new artworks, 141 humans, 45 goblins, 34 orcs, 47 elves, 44 dwarves, 77 creatures, 31 beasts, 3 mythical, 2 concepts.
Human Bandit Warriors, 5 female, 7 male.
Human Bandit Archers, 4 female, 4 male.
Human Bandit Leaders, 1 female, 2 male.
Human Child, 4 female.
Human Child Apprentice Hunter, 1 female, 1 male (replacers).
Human Child Apprentice Warrior, 1 female, 1 male (replacers).
Human Craftsmen, 4 female, 3 male.
Human Gatherers, 8 female, 5 male.
Human Guslas, 3 male.
Human Healers, 2 female.
Human Hunters, 12 female, 4 male.
Human Scavengers, 1 female, 9 male.
Human Scoundrels, 2 female, 6 male.
Human Volh, 3 male.
Human Warriors, 13 female, 16 male.
Human Witches, 8 female.
Human Zercas, 4 female, 4 male.
Human Captain Bear, 3 male (replacer).
Goblin Beast Masters, 1 female, 4 male.
Goblin Boar Riders, 1 male.
Goblin Child, 1 both.
Goblin Shamans, 2 female, 6 male.
Goblin Skirmishers, 4 female, 15 male.
Goblin Workers, 3 female, 8 male.
Orc Bloodtrackers, 3 female, 1 male.
Orc Craftsmen, 3 female, 4 male.
Orc Gatherers, 1 female.
Orc Sluggers, 9 female, 10 male.
Orc Witches, 3 female.
Elf Craftsmen, 2 female, 1 male.
Elf Druid, 3 female, 3 male.
Elf Gatherers, 5 female, 2 male.
Elf Guardians, 12 female, 5 male.
Elf Mages, 2 female, 1 male.
Elf Shadows, 8 female, 3 male.
Dwarf Labourers, 2 female, 3 male.
Dwarf Runemasters, 4 female, 2 male.
Dwarf Smiths, 2 female (replacer), 6 male.
Dwarf Warmasters, 9 female, 17 male.
Demon Alkonost/Syrin, 1 female.
Demon Baba Yaga, 3 female.
Demon Czort, 1 other.
Demon Hellhounds, 4 other.
Demon Poludnica, 1 female.
Night Demon Striga, 4 female (replacer), 4 male.
Night Demon Striga Master, 2 male.
Night Demon Striga Mistress, 2 female.
Night Demon Werewolves, 6 both.
Water Demon Rusalka, 4 female.
Nature Demon Pineconette, 8 other.
Nature Demon Vily, 2 female.
Nature Demon Hohlick, 1 other.
Nature Demon Viatroviec, 1 other.
Nature Demon Leshy, 1 female (replacer), 1 male.
Ice Demon Sniezynki, 1 female.
Unliving Corpses, 6 other.
Unliving Dragons, 2 other.
Unliving Ghosts, 5 other.
Unliving Human Skeletons, 8 other.
Unliving Orc Skeletons, 1 other.
Unliving Spiders, 1 other.
Unliving Wraiths, 5 other.
Armoured Bears, 1 other.
Bats, 1 other.
Bears, 2 other.
Blood Bees, 2 other.
Crows, 2 other.
Predator Fish, 1 other.
Rats, 5 other.
Sea Serpent, 2 other.
Sharks, 2 other.
Snakes, 2 other.
Spiders, 8 other.
Striga Bat, 1 other.
Wolves, 2 other.
Blue Dragons, 2 other.
Dragons, 2 other.
Trolls Icicles, 1 other.
Concept Physical 2, 1 other.
Concept Physical 3, 1 other.

The replacers are exactly as they sound, they replace the original images. Captain Bear reused one of the male human warriors and the Female Striga reused the Male Striga artwork. So to make them more unique their artwork was replaced. 
A couple of the goblin art has had their weapons cut off a little. This was done to keep the goblin more in the middle of the image so they aren't hidden behind the equipment slots. It shouldn't take away from the image. 

To see a full preview of all characters you can view them in the mods download folder.
Also included is "Credits - Artists.rtf" crediting as many artists as possible whose artworks are used in this mod. Some of them I just couldn't find but I will check again in the future.

Installing and Updating:
Just extract the downloaded *.rar file into your Thea 2: The Shattering mod folder located at:
Thea 2 The Shattering\Thea2_Data\StreamingAssets\Mods
Once extracted here start your game and choose Mods from the main menu. 
Activate the mod from the list and then restart your game.
Once the game is loaded again you are good to go.

I have done my best to ensure these work (and I'm pretty sure they work) but please don't hesitate to contact me here or on the Thea 2 Discord to provide me with feedback so I can continue to improve on these.

Do I need to start a new game once this mod is activate? 
No, you don't need to start a new game.. 

Do these artworks appear on enemies too? 
Yes. Enemy characters of the units above will use the new artworks.

Can this mod be used in Co-op games? 
Yes it can. All players participating in the game will need to have this mod active. 

All credit goes to MuHa Games for making Thea 2: The Shattering the amazing game that it is and the artists who designed the artwork used in this mod.